Maria Melo

Maria Melo

Ilhavo, Aveiro, Portugal

About Maria Melo

I was born in Aveiro in 1967 and since I was a child I showed aptitude for drawing and painting. I graduated in management starting my professional career in this area and only later I decided to explore the enormous taste that always I nourished by art and especially by painting. I attended several courses at the Porto School of Fine Arts and since 2003 I have presented my work in collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal and abroad.


2016 Project Studio in Painting with Prof. Domingos Loureiro, FBAUP
2015 Practical Course of Painting Technologies and Procedural Methods - Grade III, Professors Sofia Torres and Domingos Loureiro, FBAUP.
2014 Practical Painting Course - Grade II, Professor Sofia Torres, FBAUP.
2009 Free Drawing Course with Professor Ricardo Leite, FBAUP.
2008 Oil Portrait Workshop from Model, Professor Ricardo Leite.
2008 Workshop on Basic Techniques of Oil Painting, Professor Ricardo Leite.
2007 Curso Desenhos do Corpo, Professor Mario Bismark, FBAUP.
2007 Free Drawing Course, Professor Ricardo Leite, FBAUP.