Marie-Pierre Garnier

Marie-Pierre Garnier

Asnières-sous-bois, Bourgogne, France

About Marie-Pierre Garnier

I am a french painter. I work with a lot of pictures that I find around me, pictures that I create, phtos that I take. I like to create dream in my paintings.
I'm interesting in fragments. Pictures are like fragments of the reality. With this fragments together I create a new reality like a dream.


2008: Ph D of art at university Paris1 Sorbonne
2014: publication of my degree in art at "presses académiques francophones"


2014: Gallery Art-tension in Bourges
2013: Museum in Noyers-sur-Serein
2012: Maison Jules Roy in Vézelay
2011: "Les Abattoirs" in Avallon
2010: Gallery OTSI in Clamecy
2009: "Espace Bouchez" in Tonnerre
2008: Library and museum in Avallon
2007: art center in Corbigny