Marina Emphietzi

Marina Emphietzi

London, United Kingdom

About Marina Emphietzi

My work explores issues of time, life, and memory.
Through painting I channel life experiences to create works of art. With influences as diverse as J.M.W.Turner (1775-1851) ‘and the Greek mythology, my creations become pathways for understanding the connections we share as humans with each other and with the natural world that surrounds us now and in the past.
I grew up in a house by the sea in Famagusta, Cyprus, a home I lost in the trauma of war, and although I didn’t set out to produce art about anything specific, as my portfolio developed over the years I realised that the pleasure and energy I was getting from painting was when I focused on water, boats, beaches, marinas, wet stones and rocks, subjects emanating from childhood memories of my early life by the sea.
My working process and challenges:
I create paintings with many textures, robust energy and a playful style. Creating in strong tonal variations, I constantly challenge my own talent by trying to experiment with subject matters and techniques for new creative effects.
I prefer to work in oils mostly because of its amazing lifelike warm colours. My personal challenge is to create scenes that convey a personal feeling ‘presenting the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it for emotional effect with the aim to evoke moods’ as was the trait for this great art movement known as ‘expressionism’. When I paint sea shores for instance, I try to convey the feeling of being there on that beach where I grew up, where I can still feel my toes walking on the warm sand and where sometimes the wind brushes my face as I walk against it.
My style and compositions show the natural forms of a real world in a semi abstract, expressionistic way. My work has been described as “a reflection and celebration of life in a symbolic manner.”


Marina trained at the Dubai International Arts Centre under Artist Master Shakeel and continued her education at Central ST. Martin’s college of Art in London. She taught Art and served as an Arts Advisory Committee member at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre. Marina is a professionally accredited strategic planning Consultant in Arts Management-UMASS.


Cyprus Open Studios 2019



. 2017 Hellenic centre London, Uk
• 2013 Thisseas Gallery-Limassol-Cyprus
• 2011 Gallery Opus 39 Nicosia Cyprus
• 2010 Gallery Leila –Addis Ababa Ethiopia
• 2009 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai-UAE
• 2008 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai -UAE
• 2007 OPUS 39 Gallery Nicosia –Cyprus
• 2007 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai-UAE
• 2006 Gallery Mondo Arte Dubai
• 2005 Hunar Gallery-Dubai UAE

Group and International Exhibitions

• 2019 Artbox.Project, Art Miami, USA*
• 2019 Light, Space & Time Gallery, UK**
• 2019 Opus39, Nicosia, Cyprus
• 2019 Camden Image Gallery, London, Uk
• 2019 Flux Exhibition, London, UK
• 2018 Parallax exhibition, London, Uk
• 2018 Hellenic Centre, London, Uk
• 2018 Salon des Refuses, London, Uk
• 2017-Opus 39 Nicosia, Cyprus
• 2016 Opus 39 Nicosia Cyprus
• 2016 Technopolis Paphos Cyprus

2015-Happenstance Gallery-London
• 2014-‘The Gallery’-Cork street London-UA society
• 2014-Kyklos Gallery Paphos
• 2013-Karaiskakeion foundation –charity-Nicosia Cyprus
• 2012- Anti-Dora Pegasus Arts Foundation-Limassol Cyprus
• 2012 Window-Art-Paphos-Cyprus
• 2011 Art Festival Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
• 2011 Modern Contemporary juried Art contest-New York
• 2010 Erotic Art Exhibition-Nicosia-Cyprus
• 2010 Art festival Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
• 2010-E.K.A.T.E. 50 years Anniversary of the Cyprus Republic-Nicosia
• 2009 Alliance Ethio- Francaise –Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
• 2009-Time to Shine- Abu Dhabi -UA