Mark Abouzeid

Mark Abouzeid

Gleinstaetten, Steirmark, Austria

About Mark Abouzeid

Mark Abouzeid is an award-winning filmmaker, photojournalist, and multi-dimensional social artist.

"All my work is inspired by a need to provoke social and cultural dialogue. The medium changes dependent on the subject, context and message. I have usurped Renaissance paintings, thousands of meters of silk and antique Afghan doors. The results can range from photorealism to performances to installations to documentaries. The medium to me is only a vehicle and I often have to learn a new art technique in order to accomplish my vision."

He has recently begun an art research project, "Identikit", with art historian, Sophie Beer. This project will explore the validity of social artefacts and their interpreted context by means of participatory social art experiments.


Abouzeid is self trained in art and photography but has received sufficient expertise in both to be a Professor of Photography, SlowMedia and Photojournalism for numerous Universities in Italy and the U.S.

He has an MBA in International from Georgetown University (1987) and a B.A. in politics and sociology from New York University (1987).

He has completed Masterclasses in Traditional Photographic Method at the London School of Film (2006) and Feature Writing at University of California (2007)



Ethnografilm Paris, Selected Film | 2019
Ethnografilm Paris, Selected Film | 2018
Macoprojects Short Docs Festival, Winner 2nd Place | 2017
Lebanese International Film Festival, Short Docs Finalist | 2016
CMG Cannes Film Festival Screening, Selected Film | 2016
Sony One Shot, Finalist | 2016
Queer Film Festival, Short film finalist | 2014
International Photo Awards, Special Mention | 2014
Premiofotografico, Special Recognition | 2010
Premiofotografico, Finalist | 2009
Future of Photojournalism, 3rd place | 2009
Region of Puglia, Prize for Peace | 2007


Lost Cheese of the Lebanese Mountain – Darfieh | SlowFood Beirut | Director | Documentary | 12 min. | Premiere SlowFood Madre Terra, Torino

Lost Cheese of the Lebanese Mountain – Serdeleh | SlowFood Beirut | Director | Documentary | 12 min. | Premiere SlowFood Madre Terra, Torino

Finding My Lebanon (2016) | Cedars Productions | Filmmaker & Director | Documentary | 22 min.| Premiere Cannes Film Festival, Cannes

Lebanon: A Day in the Life | Cedars Productions | Filmmaker & Director | Travel | 3:27 min | Premiere Online

A Night at the Muscat Festival | MAP Gallery | Director | Reporting | 1:57 min | Premiere Muscat Ministries, Oman

Intervista con l’Assassino: AIDS | Mark Abouzeid | Filmmaker | Drama | 3 min | Premiere Florence International Film Festival


His work has been exhibited in important galleries and museums including Palazzo Vecchio (Firenze). He has received numerous awards and recognition including a Prize for Peace from the Region of Puglia for his project, “My Enemy My Brother” (2002), Sony Special One Shot Award (2016), special mention in the International Photo Awards and special recognition in the Italian PremioFotografica. His photos of Florence's historic artist communities and architecture are the basis for the book, "The History of Florence's Artisan District" by Gli Ori publishers.

In his Art based social initiatives, he applies the same empathic, storytelling to social provocations on MidEast Peace (My Enemy My Brother, 2007), Bedouin Tribes (Being Bedouin, 2009), Blues Musicians (A Year of Blues, 2010), Italian Integration & Racism (The New New World, 2012), Fashion and Performance Culture (Liquid Silk, 2013) and the North-South divide (AFRICA rising!).

June 2013 – “Liquid Silk”, Atelier Dieci Rosso for Pitti Uomo 2013; Florence, Italy

January 2013 – “Liquid Silk”,Young of Galleria Tournabuoni; Florence, Italy

June 2012 – “The New New World Portraits”, Palazzo Vecchio in collaboration with the Uffizi museum; Florence, Italy

January 2011 – “Being Bedouin”, Bedouin Aid Concert with the City of Florence; Florence, Italy

November 2010 – “Being Bedouin”, Casa della Creatività; Florence, Italy

November 2009 – “Being Bedouin”, National Geographic; London, UK

April 2009 -“Being Bedouin”, The Darkroom Photography Academy; Florence, Italy

October 2010 – “A Year of the Blues”, Casa della Creatività; Florence, Italy

July 2007 – “My Enemy, My Brother”, Region of Puglia; Andria, Italy

October 2012 – “Senza di Noi”, Florence Art Festival; Florence, Italy

June 2012 – “Non Sono Clandestino”, Fighting Racism through Culture; Florence, Italy