Marly Desir

Marly Desir

Santa Maria, CA, United States

About Marly Desir

Marly Joseph Desir shows from a very young age a real artistic aptitude.His father, sensitive to art and professor of literature,frequently takes him to visit the Museums and encourage him to develop his talents.
Desir is known in the artistic world by his original style,his ability to create and also his aesthetic sense.He studied at the Miami Dade College.His usual themes are women , landscape, flowers...Convinced that there is enough ugliness in the world, he prefers to capture beauty, elegance and grace.The artist favors is acrylic on canvas likes1p to achieve smooth surface.His palette varies from cool subdued tones to the whole range of bright tropical colors.He is also Art Historian and
received many international awards:
-Travel Grant Recipient 2013 CAA
(College Art Association)
-Travel Grant Recipient 2016 CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collection of Modern Arts)
-Awardee CATAPULT 2020
The painting of Desir express what has beautiful to dazzle the lovers of art.


2013:MFA from Miami Dade College,Fl, USA


Contemporary Art Festival 2020


2020:: Soul and Sprit Art Society
2020:Sacrosanct Gallery:Peacock
2020:Oneline Performance Art OPAF16
2020:Small wonders 8: selected to exhibit:The cycle of life- Eye of the Pandemic-The cry.
2020:world Art Hub ,Virtual Online Exhibition
2020:Hanway Collective .,London,United kindom
2020:Happenstance Art Gallery ,London ,United
kingdom Theme:T he erotic as Human Nature
2020:VOSAP(Art From Heart Contest,2020
Selected as a finalist in the Country
Representative with the painting: The dreamer.
2020:Art Organize,Oneline Art Exhibition

2019 -Galerie Marly Desir-Miami,Fl
Friday September 27,2020 through Sunday ,Januaru19,2020
VIP& Menbers Opening Reception
Thursday ,September 26,2019,4 to 8 p.m.

2018-Group Art show Academy of Ambitious,
2017-Group Art Show, CARIFESTA,Trinidad.

2016-Solo Art Show CIMAM -Barcelona,Spain

2015- Group exhibitionVART Gallery -
2014-Hong Kong Art Fair

2013-Solo Art Show CAA-NY ,USA

2012-STROKE ART FAIR,Munich,Germany

2011-Exhibition La Coquillade,France

2008-Exhibition Atlanta Jackson Hartfied Airport.

2005-C&C Gallery -NJ,USA