Maros Kontros

Maros Kontros

Poprad, Poprad, Slovakia

About Maros Kontros

Subjective statement about the state of the present, which, despite anxiety, is a playful attempt to find a balance of transcendence and the inability to escape. Choosing synthetic colors, sprays, industrial materials is the choice of artists who have rejected form, do not want to be liked, do not want to be appreciated, sold, they are distracting, disturbing. Interruption as part of an emotional turn in art. The presented works strive for a new threshold of immersion in artificially created worlds, connections, intertextuality. Based on the remains of an intentional land of illusionist or idealistic nature, they present fragmented humanoid records, neo-expressive figurative compositions, pop-culture references. Anarchy badpainting, looking for authenticity.(Curator Adam Macko )


Born in 1988, Slovakia.
Technical University, Faculty of arts in Kosice.(Studio of Adam Szentpethery)