Marta Oppikofer

Marta Oppikofer

Rudolfstetten, AG, Switzerland

About Marta Oppikofer

I was born and raised in Katowice, the capital of the Polish hard coal mining and heavy industry. In 1993, after my advertising and decorative studies, I have come to Switzerland, where I continued my artistic activity. I'm always looking for new structures and experimenting with different techniques in oil, acrylic and pastel painting. In my work I also use sand, metal, glass, gold leaf, structure pastes and other natural materials.
Exhibitions: Gallery "DG" Katowice, Gallery "Kowadlo" Katowice. 2010 Boesner "100 Pictures", 2013, "Art Stroll" Berikon. 2013, "Terra Lua" Baden .2013- Exibition Unterlunkhofen,Bremgarten,Mellimgen,Wetzikon.
"Painting is a branch of freedom."


advertising studies Katowice ,Poland