Guillermo Martí Ceballos

Guillermo Martí Ceballos

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

About Guillermo Martí Ceballos

Born in Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 1958, son to also Catalonian painter artist Oriol Marti Valls. Following an early impressionist stage, he comes across colour in its purest form and freedom of expresion. His works show a great admiration for Fauvist painting (Matisse, Derain) and German expressionists (Macke, Kirchner), but each one of his pictures displays an increasingly new approach, full of present day intimate sensations.


Studied Drawing and Graphic Design at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona, joining the Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc afterwards and being, later on, admitted into de Boter-Santal school of arts where he consolidated his academic formation.
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Future Shows: Exhibition PREMIUM HOUSES Gallery (Barcelona/ St. Andreu de Llavaneres/ December 2020 / January 2021)


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