Martine Vanderspuy

Martine Vanderspuy

Northbridge, NSW, Australia

About Martine Vanderspuy

Based in Sydney, Martine Vanderspuy has had a lifetime love affair with the sea, this has led to her aerial inspired resin art. Through experimentation, she has mastered the difficult process of painting with resin, creating photo realistic work depicting the moods of the ocean. Martine’s paintings inspire the feeling of movement and open a visual window onto the sea.
Her bold compositions use the fluidity and
translucency of resin to capture dazzling effects of light & water.

Living abroad for most of her early life, her family finally settled in Australia where she finished her schooling and went on to study graphic art. As a graphic artist she worked in Canada and Australia in the advertising world. She established her own graphic art studio in1982 which won many awards within its field.
In 2015 she established her own art gallery in Northbridge, Sydney - Martine Gallery.

Martine exhibits her resin paintings in numerous exhibitions in the US, Europe and Australia. Her works are held in private collections around the world.
She has exhibited with The Other Art Fair in Sydney and Los Angeles four times over the past few years.

“I am inspired by the ocean: its power, beauty, and tranquility.
This multitude of moods is what I am trying to convey in my painting.”

The Martine Gallery helps to raise funds and create awareness of research into Mitochondrial(Mito) disease. Martine’s son Tom suffers from the disease which has no known cure. Martine is a passionate supporter for research into understanding Mito with the
hopes of finding a cure.

A percentage of sales are donated to Mitochondrial Disease (Mito) research. Mito is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and potentially death. Martine’s passion is to support finding a cure for her son and many others by using her talents as an artist to spread her message though out the world.

Mito Care keeping Tommy and many others smiling. Donations can be made at

All imaes © Martine Vanderspuy


Completed School in Sydney with Honors
Completed an Honors Degree in art and design


The Other Artfair Sydney 2016
The Other Artfair Sydney 2017
St Thomas Art Fair 2017
Wenona Art Fair 2016
Balmain Art Fair 2015, 2017
Florence Art Exhibition 2017
Carnes Art Fair 2017
Art San Diego 2018
The Other Art Fair Sydney 2018 -
The Other Art Fair LA 2018
The Other Art Fair LA 2019 (April)
The Other Art Fair LA 2019 (October)


Balmain Art Show, St Thomas Art Show, Lindfield Artfair, Wenona Art Fair, Exhibiting permanently at Martine Gallery 44 Sailors Bay Road Northbridge Sydney.
Art San Diego 2018
The Other Artfair Sydney 2018 - LA
The Other Artfair Sydney 2019 - LA
The Other Artfair Sydney 2019 - LA