Martta Garcia

Martta Garcia

Zaragoza, ARAGON, Spain

About Martta Garcia

My name is Martta and I am a Spanish artist.
I paint what provokes me. And..what is provoke me?
PEOPLE, their thoughts, their desires, their fears... their lloks, their movements, their gestures.
PEOPLE alone or in multitude.

Right now I work in series "Pedestrian crossings".

They paralyse me, they move me, they gulp me down, they drag me, they disturb me... Conflicting emotions.

Red light: red color for alert, danger, excitement, it turns into a waiting moment, a pause within the pedestrian crossing. We look in front of us but we don't see. Backpacks, jackets, shoes, but we don't see people, we cannot distinguish a pair of eyes, a face or a look. We don't see them. Anonymous invisibility.

Green light: green color for relaxation, turns into a tide dragging me, pushing me. Sequence of almost hypnotic movements, and we keep on not seeing it. They are there, we do exist, but we don't realize. We ignore each other. It's like John C. Reily in "Chicago". Mr. Cellophan sings "invisible, transparent, insignificant, because I'm looked at but I'm not seen. They go by my side and the don't realize".
To see and to be seen. Reflection about what we want to see. How do we want to be seen? What do we really see?

It is not my eyes looking most of the times. It is my mind. I see the world as I am. That's why it is, perhaps, time to unlearn and to see again, educating the look towards the others.
These thoughts come to my mind when I face a pedestrian crossing. I make an effort to see and sometimes I'm scared. That's why I keep on painting, invisibly, in my pedestrian crossings.

What do you feel when you are in a pedestriang crossing?