Mauricio Mallet

Mauricio Mallet

São Paulo, Downtown, Brazil

About Mauricio Mallet

He was born in 1975, Mauricio Mallet is a brazilian visual artist working also as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. As an art enthusiast since early age he has focused his education in several forms of art expression being graduated in Fine and Visual Arts by important schools in Brazil. In addition to his creative performance also he teaches Fine Arts at Panamericana School of Art and Design and Digital Art at Alpha Channel School, two of the most significant art education institutions at São Paulo, Brazil.

He uses specially oil and acrylic on paper, paper board, canvas... at his work, he creates abstract figures outlined by a single, dominant color. Grouped together pursuing a shared goal or as a standalone his subjects are joined in a form of ghostly camaraderie, gathered at the top of a slide or embracing as they walk. He gives their proximity to one another, the ease with which they coexist, and the playground accouterment, these children appear to be adolescents, not yet at the awkward stage of teenage discomfort, gender awareness, repulsion, and desire. They exist freely, without pretense, in the company of others. The paintings are a reminder of a shared past and barriers built up seemingly overnight.

Often leaving a border around his work, he reminds his viewers that art is a construct, a manner of control that seems at odds with the content of his work. Perhaps the freedom of an idyllic childhood, the ability to love and care for without question, is a myth, an illusory past invented by a self-deceiving public in search of a better self. Perhaps memory is as treacherous as Magritte’s pipe, an unreality that has as little to do with the past as a painting of a pipe has to do with the pipe itself. Or maybe, the image was the truth and the analysis is the self-deception.


2012. Specialization in Visual Arts: Culture and Creation .
Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial - SC, SENAC/SC-Brazil.
2008. Bachelor's at Abi - Artes Visuais from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas/SP-Brazil.


2007. (Participation In Events/ Seminary).
2007. (Participation In Events/Other).
2001. (Participation In Events/ Workshops).
2001. (Participation In Events/ Meetings).
2000. (Participation In Events/ Symposium).
1999. (Participation In Events/ Workshops).
1999. (Participation In Events/ Workshops).


Acquisition Award at Visual Arts Annual Exhibition of Vinhedo, SP, Brazil - 2016.
Critical Award at 31st Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, New York, NY, USA - 2016 (Critical article to be released at ARTisSpectrum magazine issue, May 2017).
1st Place and Acquisition Award at 23rd Plastic Arts Annual Exhibition of Mococa, SP, Brazil - 2015.
3rd Place Award at 4th Expo-Humor of Campinas, SP, Brazil - 2003.

Collective Exhibition Collection Suites - Doral Art Museum e Art Industry Movement, Miami, USA - 2018/19.
Collective Exhibition Ser, Habitar e Imaginar, Miami, USA - 2018.
Collective Exhibition 1st Expo Amigos da Tribo, São Paulo, Brazil - 2018.
Hotel Hilton Morumbi - Canvas Restaurante, São Paulo, Brazil - 2018.
Collective Exhibition 1st Festival de Pintura - IA UNESP, São Paulo, Brazil - 2018.
Colorida Art Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal - 2018.
Land + Body = Escape, Miami e Nova York, USA - 2018.
Collective Exhibition Entropies at Ottovolarte, Firenze, Italy - 2017.
1st Festival de Pintura - IA UNESP, São Paulo, Brazil - 2018.
Land + Body = Scape, Miami, United States - 2018.
Spectrum Miami (Irreversible), Miami, United States - 2017.
Collective Exhibition Entropies at Ottovolarte, Firenze, Italy - 2017.
Collective Exhibition Iperuranio at Vila Monastero, Lecco, Italy - 2017.
23rd Plastic Arts Annual Exhibition of Praia Grande, SP, Brazil - 2016.
Collective Exhibition EIXO ARTE (Digital: RJ, Brazil - 2016.
"Map of the new art 2015" at Giorgio Cini Foundation, Island San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy - 2015.
47th Contemporary Annual Art Exhibition of Piracicaba, SP, Brazil - 2015.
13th Visual Arts Annual Exhibition of Guarulhos, SP, Brazil - 2014.
Collective Exhibition at Instituto Tomie Othake, São Paulo, SP, Brazil - 2013/14.
Collective Exhibition "Abertura" at Ateliê 397, São Paulo, SP, Brazil - 2013.
Individual Exhibition "Artinside Piola", Campinas, SP, Brazil - 2013.
Show "Momentos Gravados" at Olho Latino Museum, Atibaia, SP, Brazil - 2007.
3rd Annual Art Exhibition at PUC University, Campinas, SP, Brazil - 2004.
5th International Festival of Humor and HQ, Pernambuco, PE, Brazil - 2003.
Project "Tercultura", Campinas, SP, Brazil - 2003.
1st National Exhibition of Humor, Montes Claros, MG, Brazil - 2002.