Michał Cander

Michał Cander

Bydgoszcz, Kuj-Pom, Poland

About Michał Cander

Michal Cander, (born in 1963 in Grudziądz) is a Polish artist. He is a the son of the Polish painter Krzysztof Cander. He is also engaged in publishing graphics and interior design.


Cander attended the Polish High School of fine arts in Bydgoszcz. Then he studied at specialization in painting in the studio of Professor Janusz Kaczmarski, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. In 1989 and 1991 Cander was a scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art and in 1990 of Bydgoszcz governor.


Some of his works are in the collections of the Museum of Wloclawek, a museum in Grudziadz, BWA in Bydgoszcz, and AMU Center in Copenhagen. A very large part of his works are owned by private persons, both from home and abroad. His paintings are in private collections in Poland, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Austria, Italy, France and Japan. Cander is a popular Polish artist. Cander is often invited to exhibitions and open air-painting organized by Polish art society.
Cander has painted the world's first portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the virtual currency Bitcoin. This portrait has been classified as a one of the most impressive art pieces about Bitcoin. The portrait was created for a private collector.


• 1988 – Grudziądz
• 1989 – Bydgoszcz „Galeria 85”
• 1990 – Bydgoszcz „Kruchta”
• 1991 – Inowrocław, „W ratuszu” Gallery
• 1994 – Markowice
• 1996 – Gutersloh RFN Veerhoffhaus Kunstverein
• 1997 – Oświęcim, „Pro Arte“ Gallery
• 2001 – Grudziądz, Art Museum
• 2001 – Warsaw, „Brama” Gallery
• 2002 – Bydgoszcz
• 2005 – Bierzgłowski Castle
• 2005 – Wrocław, „Manufaktura” Gallery
• 2007 – Bydgoszcz, Main Libary of UKW in Bydgoszcz
• 2007 – Bydgoszcz, „Kaja and Solinski” Gallery
• 2008 – Landau RFN, Frank – Loebsches Haus
• 2009 – Szczecin, Hotel Focus and Open Galery
• 2013 – Rozewie