Bart Meinen

Bart Meinen

Zwolle, ov, Netherlands

About Bart Meinen

1957 Groningen

the paintings reflects my ideas of how to make a painting, based on a canvas, adding and removing oil paint, and often with a restricted form. Some paintings refer to architectural forms. Most of my paintings are abstract; some of them refer to murals and the use of colors are mainly modest.
The canvases have mostly a structure oil paint surface due to the way I paint. They are meant to be color field paintings.


Academy of fine arts (AKI) Enschede. (the Netherlands)
Painting and Graphics (etchings)


scholarship 1989-1992 Mondriaan Fund
contribution Art Fund 1987, 1988
Contribution Prins Bernhard Fund for an Art study in Rome and Naples.


Municipal Museum Twenthe 1986 -Enschede
Noordkunst 1987 -artist selection -group
Gallery van den Crommenacker - Arnhem 1988.solo
Municipal Museum de Librije -Zwolle 1992 ,2000, 2005, 2010,2015 group
Museum Hamm -Germany , group
Odeon Zwolle 2005 group

Artworks in several collections. (private and public)
Also in foreign countries.