Meirav Sher

Meirav Sher

, Israel

About Meirav Sher

Painting was always a passion of mine; so, when I got acquainted with glass painting, it truly felt to me as a gift.
Glass painting has so many qualities that I admire. The clearness of the glass blends with the sensuality of the colors in a magical beautiful way. Beams of lights are passing through it towards the color and back to the eye, enrich and deepen the visual impact, leaving the observer with a delightful sensual experience.

Something about this technique I've developed, goes strait into my heart. I found out figures and narratives arise unconsciously, just like watching ones dream. Within the absence of the eye, the thought is free of criticism, and the body is free to tell his story.


2004 - B.F.A - 'Bezalel Academy of Art and design, jerusalem'

2008 - M.A - art therapy


several solo and group exhibitions