Maj-Gret Gaupås

Maj-Gret Gaupås

Skien, Telemark, Norway

About Maj-Gret Gaupås

From April 2018 my studio will be in Skien in Southern Norway, and Henrik Ibsensgate 10. I look forward to be there in a shared space with 8/10 others,

I am working with acrylic paint on canvas, and for me drawing has always been important for my work. When I start a new work, I sometimes turn the canvas, and work on unprimed canvas from both sides. It is important for my work, to explore the materiality on the textile, the ways of markmaking and applying paint in different ways.

2015/ 2016/2017 - I joined the Turps painters studio program.

It's part of a program for artists at Turps Banana - Art school.

I'm born in Porsgrunn in Norway, and spent my childhood in Ytre-Arna outside Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

I am a member of NBK and BIT, visual artists in Norway.

Currently I am writing a master on Maria Lassnigs diary, and body awareness paintings, at University of Oslo.

I have studied art in smaller private schools in Oslo. The last school I studied at is Nydalen Kunstskole.

About my work:
When I paint I use acrylics.
The process is important, and I find different ways into my works. I work with acrylic paint on paper and canvas.

Also I work with printing, which means using patterns from for example textiles or woodcut on the canvas. This is a way of applying texture and layers, and the paint works in surprising and different ways. I work with different ways of applying paint to my works, and that gives my process surprises and challenges that I find interesting.

My works are in an abstract form, and much off the dialog with the viewer will be open and associative. One can read in a story and see rooms, but as a viewer one will not be led to a definite concrete impression

One can also read in figuration in my work, I use both abstractions and figuration's as sources to give my work their visual identity.


University of Oslo

Literature at University of Bergen

Book industry studies Telemark University College

Bergen University College- Project management

Nydalen Kunstskole 2 year visual art


Telemark Utstillingen Skien Norway, curated regional show opening 20 October till 20th December 2020

Group Show Junctions London September 2018

Group Show Pada Gallery Barreiro Lisbon Portugal October 2018

I will be joining the Other Art Fair in London in March 2018.

In September 2018 I will do a group show in London.

Turps open studio and Interim show- on for Friday and Saturday
10-11 March 2017
Friday - 6-8 pm

In 2017 I was included in the launch issue of a new magazine

12th June 2016 - will sell smaller work on Art Car Boot Fair in London- welcome to our stand with all the bananas from our studio at Turps

Open Studios and show - welcome 1th July 2016¬if_id=1465397475644409

17th August 2016 Private View for our end off year show-
welcome to


Group show on Langøya, an outdoor groupshow opening 26th July 2019 at 5 pm

Group show in Drøbak Varmebadet opening May 11th 2019 in Drøbak. Welcome

I will be joining a group show in London September 2018.

In mid December 2017 I had a 2 days show at Turps Gallery, I called the show there Yonder.

November 2017 til January 2018
Ramsgate Gallery 98

End of year show at Turps Gallery December 2017, Yonder a solo show.
group show coming in August 2016