Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Pacific Grove, CA, United States

About Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Magdalena is both German and American, having grown up in California and the french border of the Black Forest. At age 17, Magdalena began a lifelong journey in photography which was inspired by her mother Birgit Maddox ( also a fine art photographer ). Magdalena's limited etherial and evocative photographs are collected amongst the works of the 20th century greats like Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Bernhardt and Irving Penn. Photographs are available in limited edition portfolios and archival silver gelatin and platinum prints and are personally crafted in the darkroom by the artist. Large productions like the series titled, MILK which she have been working on for over a decade have been exhibited at FotoLA. "I am a strong voice for the natural feminine and believe that the protection of the planet it our highest priority along with respecting cultures around the world. "


Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California

Apprenticeship with master photographer Ryuijie


Magdalena has held events such as workshops and with other photographers like Kim Weston and Kenneth Parker. Large scale exhibitions at film festivals, Slideshows and rogue street art since 2006. Other events include PhotoLA, and a current show in Downtown LA with a traveling show of artists called "The Future of Love" an on going collaboration and exhibition space.


Ive shown in 50 plus exhibitions including the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, The monterey Museum of Art and the National Steinbeck Center. My works have been shown at PhotoLA and PhotoSF and exhibited as well as collected among the works of Ruth Bernhardt, Immogen Cunningham as well as Brett and Edward Weston.