LesBry G

LesBry G

Fort Washington, MD, United States

About LesBry G


I create art for everyone but each piece is not for every individual. The works are for the person who has energy that resonates with the frequency of each piece. I work in various mediums for the best energy distribution and communication for each thought stream.

Time changes the frequency of the pieces in different ways so pay attention for the best experience! As time in it’s current variant is finite in nature, I only create the works that I feel the highest priority spiritually.

From the 90’s they the early 2000’s I worked mostly in the human aural spectrum and I added videos and photos around 2007. Today I am working with acrylics, spray cans, brushes and canvas along with the audio for a wider communication burst.

Look into my mirrors and let’s have a conversation though energy and vibes!

Love and peace to us all....



Hampton University/Self-taught

Unlearning as much as possible each day to gain direct access to the X factor - the home of all creativity.


Exhibition details forthcoming.