Miroslava Zaharieva

Miroslava Zaharieva

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

About Miroslava Zaharieva

Artist, painter.

Academic and self-expression works in various styles: still life, landscape, portrait, figural and non-figural compositions using watercolours, oil, tempera and acrylic colours. Traditional techniques of painting and experimentation by mixing different techniques together.

Collage works with various materials: paper, textile, leather and synthetics. Applied arts experience in hand drawing and stamping of textiles (silk, linen, cotton, synthetics).


2006 Graduated on a M.A. course in Painting at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria.

2000 Graduated at SECONDARY ARTISTIC SCHOOL FOR APPLIED ARTS – ''St. Luka''. Educational profile: Textile and Fashion - Sofia, Bulgaria.


Member of Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2012.


2010 - Textile exhibition at Art Gallery – Balchik, Bulgaria.
2011 - International Art Colony - Bosilegrad, Serbia.
2011 - International Art Colony - Pogradec, Albania.
2012 - Exhibition of the New Members of Union of Bulgarian Artist,
Sofia, Bulgaria.
2012 - International Art Colony - Sijarinska Banja, Serbia.
2012 - Plein air and exhibition at “Art Center Ilindenci”, Bulgaria.
2012 - Plein air and exhibition “Europian horizons” – Balchik, Bulgaria.
2012 - “Art Liberalization Europe” International Art Colony - Prishtina, Kosovo.
2012 - National exhibition – Biennial “Friends of the Sea” - Burgas, Bulgaria.
2012 - “Sixth Biennial of Small Forms” - Pleven, Bulgaria.
2012 -Third Balkan Quadriennale of Painting “The myths and legends of my people” - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
2013 - Third International Biennial of Painting - Chisinau, Moldova.