Mireille Rolland

Mireille Rolland

Lyon, Ain, France

About Mireille Rolland

Mireille Rolland, born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After a study trip in Europe, a few years in Rome, Italy, she decides to choose France as second homeland. She now lives in the beautiful city of Lyon. Influenced by french and italian painting, her style is modern-figurative. To the technic inspired by Braque, she brings the unusual fineness of a geometry with softened angles mixed with the use of subtle colors. Her painting is an invitation to dream, to sensuality, a privileged moment of peace and serenity. Oil painting on canvas where the line remains as simple as possible and the festival of colors invites you to a very joyful celebration. And, as Georges Braque would say: "There is in art only one thing worthwhile; the one we can't explain....." Through the art of painting, my aim is to create in you an aesthetical emotion.. ....


Artistic studies : Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montréal, Canada.
Study trip in Europe with the emphasis on french and italian painting.


Exhibits her art every sunday morning at: "Marché de la Création" à Lyon (Lyon Art Market ).


1999 Expo - CIALL - Lodève FRANCE

2000 Expo - Le Pigeonnier - Villeneuvette FRANCE

2002 Expo - Le Pigeonnier - Villeneuvette FRANCE

2008 Expo - Halle Dardé - Lodève FRANCE

2011 Expo - MJC de Bron - Lyon FRANCE

2012 Expo - Hotel du Tourisem - Lyon FRANCE

2014 Expo - Galerie Rare et Contemporain - Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid FRANCE

2016 Expo - Galerie Rare et Contemporain - Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid FRANCE

2018 Expo - L'Arc en Ciel - Villeurbanne - FRANCE