Monor Arts

Monor Arts

Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France

About Monor Arts

Dear viewers, I'm a professional painter (siret 48215911800033, Akoun quotation) located in Le Mans, France ("24 Hours of Le Mans!"); my artistic approach is driven by giving solar emotions, energy and well-being. I draw and paint since I was a child, and the innate resulting solar emotion and well-being increases through time. The father of my mother was a gilder and my mother is very skilled in flower arranging, so, maybe I'm just the successor :)


I attended to several art sessions, among others, a training course about the art history at Hotel Drouot Formation in Paris. Then, I went to the school of fine arts in Le Mans (Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours Angers Le Mans), and the Schlum Fine Art school in Le Mans.
I got a MSc degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics in Le Mans University, and a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon (UCLB).


- Permanent Exhibition: Art gallery "L'Ephémère", Le Mans, France (from 01/02/2021).
- National collective art exhibition: Le Mans, from 26 January to 16 February 2020 (42eme édition du Salon national des Arts plastiques du Mans).

- Salon d’Automne 2019: La Flèche (France), collective exhibition. 9-24 November 2019 (3rd rank from the public price, 1200 visitors).

- Modern and Contemporary Art, Espace de Nesle, Saint-Germain des Prés, Paris: 30 May-2 June 2019.

- Plumes et Pinceaux, parc Théodore Monod, Le Mans: 19 May 2019.

- Yvr’Art 2018, Hôtel de ville, Yvré l’Evêque: 7-12 November 2018.

- Le Mans University, CUEP, Le Mans: June 2018.

- Parigné l'Evêque, maison des Glycines. Date: 21-22 April 2018.