Marie-Claire Touya

Marie-Claire Touya

Montréal, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

About Marie-Claire Touya

.What I prefer is research. Material research, technical one. I think anything has to be tried to tell what I want to tell - even if I'm not exactly aware of what it is!!. Several years ago I followed one year art studies in order to be able to teach, because I was called to do this and was very afraid. The essential of my art is work, every day since nearly 30 years and liberty : I give myself no limits.


7-8-9- June collective exhibition Mai dez'arts Brugairolles, Aude,France
5-6-7- July. Open doors in my garden : l'Art O Jardin Montréal France
8 to 21 July . residence and exhibiton in Montolieu. Books village. Aude France


2014.Several exhibitions in my district, during spring ansd summer.
Next one during Patrimony weekend (3rd of September) in Montolieu with 3 other artists, around the theme "TRACES".