Katie Molloy

Katie Molloy

Sydney , NSW, Australia

About Katie Molloy

MOTZY – aka Katie Molloy, is a Sydney-based artist. She has been part of the creative and design industry in London and Sydney for the last twenty years and is completely immersed in creativity, art & design and contemporary culture on a daily basis.

Categorising her style as minimal graphic, her work explores the intersection between colour and shape through layering and abstraction. She predominantly works with acrylics on canvas or wood.

Originally from Adelaide, Molloy studied business and commerce before realising her passion lay in the creative industries. She began her career at Ogilvy in London and has worked for leading creative companies in Australia and the UK ever since.

When she is not leading global brand innovation projects or collaborating with designers, directors and animators around the world, she interprets the world using intensely vivid shapes and fragments through her paintings.


I am not interested in creating an illusion of realism in my painting. Instead, I interpret the world through the intersection and overlay of lines, graphics and shapes. Colour is always a dominant theme. For me, colour is happiness, optimism, vitality, joy, freedom. I do try to live on the colourful side of life, so when my paintings live in other people’s homes, I hope they bring a sense of energy and exuberance.

There is an element of escapism to my work. I’m inspired by travel, landscapes, nature – anywhere where I am removed from the day-to-day. I paint to capture the feelings and memories elicited from these experiences. Through minimal graphics and abstraction, I find the freedom for pure self-expression.

I am immersed in contemporary culture through my art and work. Painting is something I’ve always done – I love the depth and boldness of painting with acrylics on canvas or wood. I return to each piece many times over many weeks, meticulously refining every line, layer and fragment. All of my artworks are open to interpretation – they are a window to a new way of experiencing the world through shape and colour.