Michael Tino

Michael Tino

south lake tahoe, CA, United States

About Michael Tino

Visual poetics – this concept resonates with me and was the first that came to mind when I just began this. Art is All. For me, that simple statement really does say it all. The details are within the nuances; the components and vehicles of my art. I thrive of experimentation and interconnectivity of disciplines. Painting, drawing, typography, video, design and poetry, to name most. I work mostly in the Abstract but incorporate many other disciplines and styles. Abstraction happens as a result of dissecting the nuances of phenomena before me; existence. Life! Deconstruction of the figure, form, composition and most elements of art and design offer my Visual Poetry – as it were –
I paint for I must.
I don’t compose statements.
for it meanders along then
embraces the fragmentary
then what?
I am inspired by life and all its beauty, contradictions and reason—
my background in art direction and graphic design for over 20 years
fueled, inspired and challenged me to explore.
chance and open experience
open and procedural like a john cage piece
and a twombly vacation—
hello deKooning, basquiat and you abEXers. go!
graphic design / typography / painterly contemplation along
dwelling at the threshold with productive and colorful lies—
vacillating between inscrutability and impactful exclamation.
attempting to resolve fragmentation through this process

recent works are the efforts of a period of monumental transition fortifying part of my larger quest for meaning in an uncertain world.
watch, inspect and wonder— just be and enjoy!
breathing room. Space. Juxtapositions. Textures. Elements of design and motion— video. It’s all interconnected. That is art. Nature and the wonderment of humanity moves and inspires.


As an artist, I am mostly self-taught aside from a few drawing and painting classes.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Bachelor’s of Arts 1993

My professional background in Art Direction, Graphic Design and Video Productions has largely influenced my work and aesthetic approach.


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