Nancy Belle

Nancy Belle

Aliso Viejo, CA, United States

About Nancy Belle

It's often the art works that make us uncomfortable that demand we look at them...and we do.
It's my thought that the 'new art' of today is moving closer to 'street art' and that abstract art is expanding. Not to say that we'll ever give up taking pleasure in viewing a beautiful portrait or landscape scene...but right now there's an 'edge' being expressed in our social and political genres that's being felt by all...perhaps particularly by artists. That unrest (even if only hidden in the back of our minds) is hitting artists of all kinds and that the trend will continue until a major shift in consciousness has run it's course. New works of art will be about letting go of compromise to sometimes become a shockingly honest expression.
But I also believe there is LIGHT at the end of this tunnel.
This time is expanding in all of us artists (and everyone as we are all creators) our right to demand acceptance and to feel and BE the love we are.


Art Center of Design, Los Angeles CA
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, work
CAL State Fullerton, CA... Art Major
Studied with Robert E. Woods, water colorist


2018 Las Laguna Gallery, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach CA 1 painting shown in gallery 1 month.

San Diego Art Institute ... Juror’s 1st place award,
'Museum of the Living Artist Regional Exhibition'

Orange Coast College, CA Solo 'One Woman' Gallery Showing: 'The Metatron Series’, 21 paintings/3 sculptures shown for 1 month...Orange Coast College, CA

‘The Metatron Series’ 3 shown (48 x 60)
Niguel Art Assoc., Laguna Niguel, CA 1st place award

Marriot Hotel, Dana Point, CA 2 paintings accepted

Niguel Art Assoc., LN, CA 3 paintings accepted/ 1st place art award

Fall Juried Gallery Showing Sea Side Gallery Art Annual, 10 paintings accepted/award

Northern Colorado Artist’s Assoc., 1 painting accepted/ award

9th National Art Exhibit, CO. Published catalog 'Laredo Center for The Arts IX' 1 painting accepted

Annual International, (J) TX., North American Miniature 3 paintings accepted

18th Annual at Fells’ Point, MD., Published catalog
'Cheyenne Artists Guild 32nd' 2 paintings accepted/award

Annual National Art Competition..Cowboy Poetry National, WY 5 paintings accepted / 1st place award

El Dorado Gallery, 20th 5 paintings accepted

Annual Miniature, (J) CO Published catalog 'Boulder Art Assoc'. 10th Annual 1 painting accepted/award

National Juried Show, CO Intn’l Watermedia Twelve, Pikes 104 works accepted from Peak Watercolor Society, CO