Natalia Kaza

Natalia Kaza

Athens, Attica, Greece

About Natalia Kaza

Recently projects - "Lost Dreams" ("The Cherry Orchard"), and "Visual Archaeology"


Natalia Kaza graduated from the Art College/Odessa (Ukraine).


Natalie Kaza is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and of the Visual Artists' Association of Central Greece (V.A.A.C.E.).
In 2011, received the first Prize of Oscar Kokoschka at the International Symposium in Pochlarn, Austria.


Same Exhibitions:
2019 - Group exhibition: “14th smART” at Lamia's PurPur gallery
2019 - Exhibition of Fine Arts Application Part One of EETE at the Cultural Center "Melina" of the Municipality of Athens
2019 - Group exhibition: 1st Touring4Art “Show me what you got: 2019” a) Govedarou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki b) PurPur Gallery, Lamia
2019 - Visual Arts Exhibition on "20 years of SKETKE" a) Municipal Art Gallery "D. Mytaras ”of Halkidiki Municipality b)“ Giorgio De Quirico Art Center ”of Volos Municipality
2018 - Visual Arts Exhibition on "From Self Portrait to Selfie" Municipal Gallery of Lamia "Al. Kontopoulos »
2017 - SKETKE Group Exhibition at "Melina Mercouri" Municipal Art Gallery. Athena
2017 - Solo Exhibition "The Archaic Messiah" Gallery Leonidas Constantinidis, Athens
2016 - Personal exhibition - Municipal Gallery "Old Agora", Lamia, Greece.
2015 - The International Symposium and exhibition in Pochlarn, Austria.
2014 - Exhibition of members EETE, Athens Municipal Gallery, Athens, Greece.
2014 - Thematic group art exhibition - «Ships».Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery. Athens. Greece.
2014 - Group art exhibition “Landscape in a storm”, devoted to El Greco (Domenico Theatokopulo) Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery. Athens. Greece.
2014 - Αrt exhibition Russian artists. “Gallery Thurnhofer”, Vienna, Austria
2013 - Exhibition of members EETE, Municipal Gallery "Sophia Laskaridou." Athens,
2013 - Exhibition of members SKETKE, Municipal Gallery "Old Agora", Lamia.
2012 - International symposium "Art Collage-Plovdiv 2012'', Bulgaria.
2012 – Art Innsbruck. Austria.
2011 - Archaeological Museum of Lamia, exhibition of members SKETKE. Greece
2011 - The International Symposium and exhibition in Pochlarn, Austria.
2011 - The international art exhibition. Museum of Contemporary History, Moscow,
2011 - Personal exhibition - Art Centre of Trikala. Greece
2010 – Painters week 2010, Duin Galerie in Domburg, Netherlands.
2010 – Art exhibition of members of SKETKE in Arachova Folk Museum. Greece.
2010 - Art exhibition of members “ARTHOME” – Municipal Art Gallery, Athens.
2009 - "The Human Form in Art" - exhibition of members EETE - Technopolis, Gazi,
Athens, Greece.
2009 - Municipal Gallery Koursoum Tzamy, Trikala, Greece.
2009 - Art exhibition of members of SKETKE. Art Gallery BWA, Rzeszów, Poland.
2009 - “Impressions from Paros” - Naoussa of Paros Island. Greece.
2009 - Municipal Gallery “Sofia Laskaridou”, Athens. Greece.
2008 - International Exhibitions of Art – Paros, Athens. Greece.
2008 - Art exhibition of members of SKETKE - Art-gallery MBWA Olkouz. Poland.
2008 - Art Center Giorgio de Chirico. Volos. Greece.
2007 - “Impressions from Paros”. Athens. Greece.
2006 - Municipal Gallery “Sofia Laskaridou”, Athens. Greece.
2006 - Belle Arte Lamia, Greece
2005 - Personal exhibition - Art Hall “Emphasis”, Thessaloniki, Greece
2005 - Personal exhibition - Gallery “William James”, Athens, Greece
2002 - Personal exhibition - Municipal Art-gallery. Athens. Greece
2000 - Personal exhibition - Municipal Art Gallery “Melina Mercury”. Greece