Natalia Lugovskaya

Natalia Lugovskaya

Kharkiv ,24-b Otakara Yarosha str., ap.7, Kharkivska, Ukraine

About Natalia Lugovskaya

I draw from childhood, but professionally began to paint in the year 2010, this is my second profession. Art for me is my life, it's always there. Long was in search of my style, after meeting with Artem Volokitin and Tatyana Malinovskaya finally decided in the direction of painting. I like to paint with oil.


Natalia Lugovska was born in 1969 in Zaporiggya
Graduated from Art School of Repin (course of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Lysenko AM) in 2011
Internship and work in the studio of painter Volokitina A. From 2013-2016


2010 "Mystic Labyrinths" Kharkiv
             Gogol Fest Mystetsky Arsenal, Kiev
2011 "Battery" Fest, Kharkiv
2013 "The subject of pride" Center of Hermilov, Kharkov
             All-Ukrainian art exhibition devoted to the 75th anniversary of HONSHU
            "Bottega" KDADM, Kharkiv
2014. All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Christmas".
             "Art voyage". Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine
              "Golden rain above us", Kiev, Ukraine
2015 "Zero without a stick". Hermilov Center, Kharkiv
             "Woman Secret", Kiiv Art Contamporary, Mistetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
2016 "" Women's project in a chocolate house ", Kiev
            "Botany". Gallery "Come-in", Kharkov
 2017 Gogol Fest ", VDNX,Kiev, Ukraine
2018. “ Exhibition of Contemporary Art Hotel “Koruna”
2019 Kiev Art Week, participant of the fair represented by Zenko gallery.
2019 Participant of the project "Falling Shadow" Dreams "at the Gardens of Jardine" of the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale
November 15-17, 2019, Art3f Brussels Expo
Internship and work in the studio of painter Volokitin A., 2013-2016. Artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, England, Australia, India and Europe.