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Natapart S

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


I love so many things. My way of touching them, of understanding them, of dwelling on them for a little longer, my way of imprinting them, of pointing at them, of adoring, even worshipping them is by painting them.
Is all about looking a little closer, lingering, quieting the mind and allowing th...


Tiger & Monsteras Original Watercolour thumb

Painting15.4 W x 10.6 H x 0 D in

Line Butterflies Original Watercolour thumb

Painting11.7 W x 16.5 H x 0 D in

Aqua Abstract Landscape in Watercolour thumb

Painting10.8 W x 15.6 H x 0 D in

Aqua Butterflies 1 Original Watercolour thumb

Painting10.8 W x 15.6 H x 0 D in

Mauve Relief thumb

Painting10.6 W x 15.3 H x 0.1 D in

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