Nathalie Marino

Nathalie Marino

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Nathalie Marino

The joy of exploring and expressing my inner world!

Influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting, my images incorporate a bold palette and distinct textures into free-flowing, dynamic compositions that seem to be in constant state of motion and change. I value spontaneity, expression and freedom of movement, all of which are central to my work.

Most of my creations are inspired by my inner world. I create intuitively by using my emotional landscape to obtain strong and vibrant compositions. I love to explore the unknown; to see what will emerge from the process of moving paint around on the canvas is very exciting to me.

​When I start a piece, I let my emotions guide me and set the tone. I choose the colors and then allow the work to happen by letting my hand move freely on the canvas. Throughout this subconscious and creative process, the subject reveals itself to me. As soon as an image takes shape, I begin to approach the subject more consciously. The image is sometimes discovered in a few agitated, vivid and dynamic brushstrokes. I don't attempt to depict objective reality, but rather my own feelings towards the subject. I use a process that is highly spontaneous, rather than aiming towards a specific form or subject.

With the fast drying time of acrylic paints, I create various textures and interesting effects. I play around and constantly add new tools and techniques to my process. Transparency, layers, coloured contrasts and textures come into play to create a multidimensional visual experience; they give depth and liveliness to artworks.


2019 Bronze Medal (jury award), International Exhibition by CAPSQ, Montreal
2018 2nd Place winner, International Exhibition of the Global art league, Montreal
2017 2nd Grand Prize (jury award), International Exhibition at Brancusi Cultural Center, Montreal
2017. Bronze medal (European jury award), International exhibition, France
2016. Third Grand Prize (jury award), Annual International Gala by CAPSQ, Montreal
2015. Bronze medal (European jury award), distinctive technique, International Exhibition, Romania
2015. Great distinction (European jury award), representational border, International Exhibition, Bruges
2012. Great distinction (jury award), photography, Annual International Gala by CAPSQ, Montreal


2019 France, Abbaye Fontdouce (bénédictin monastery) in Charente-Maritime
2019 Montreal, Brancusi Cultural Center : 34th Annual International Gala by CAPSQ
2018 Poland, Gallery Miejski Dom Kultury in Mikolow – International Exhibition
2018 Montreal, Global art league International Exhibition – Montreal Art Center
2017 Montreal, Brancusi Cultural Center : 33rd International Competition Gala
2017 Belgium, The Belfry's Museum in Bruges : La diversité dans l’art - International Exhibition
2017. 45ft International Exhibition by CAPSQ, Médiathèque Alexandre Dumas, Villers-Cotterêts, France
2017. Creative Reactions, William Street Gallery, Montreal
2016. Annual International Gala by CAPSQ, Brancusi Cultural Center, Montreal
2015. La diversité dans l’art - International Exhibition, National Military Museum, Bucharest, Romania
2015. International Exhibition by CAPSQ, Le Beffroi, Bruges, Belgium
2015. Montreal International Design Show (SIDIM), Montreal
2014. Contemporary Perspectives, Agora Gallery, New York
2014. Solo Exhibition, In a State of Fuzion, L’Espace Contemporain Art Gallery, Montreal
2014. Annual International Gala by CAPSQ, Brancusi Cultural Center, Montreal
2014. La poésie du geste - Abstraction, L’Espace Contemporain Art Gallery, Montreal
2012. Annual International Gala by CAPSQ, Brancusi Cultural Center, Montreal
2011. Collective organized by Loulee Art, M Galerie d’Art, Montreal