Martin Navratil

Martin Navratil

Nitrianske Sucany, SK, Slovakia

About Martin Navratil

Martin Navrátil is a multi-talented artist. He has achieved notable success with sculptures, which are dominating his works of art. His works are appealing to common people, gallerists, architects and designers not only in Slovakia but also abroad. He draws inspiration for his works from sports, nature, history, but first of all from the present. His craftsmanship gives him opportunities to apply new techniques which enables him to achieve deeper artist’s message and to create a new fine art expression. The knowledge of modern sculpture (from Rodin, cubism, surrealism, to modern avantgarde) leads him to his unique expression, which he is constantly trying to modify and thus to come up with something new. Martin Navrátil graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. During the study he took part in a study stay at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in studio of Figurative Sculpture lead by Professor Jan Hendrych.

The author presents his art works at art workshop and exhibitions. His works are represented at private collections and at a number of galleries located in his country as well as abroad, e.g. in the United States of America, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, etc. He has been a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Central Slovakia. He lives and works in the Slovak Republic in Nitrianske Sučany.


2000 - 2006 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava /Slovakia/,
2004 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague /the Czech Republic/


Author's sports theme artworks have gained several awards:
- in 2010 he became the Finalist of Watercolor Sport Award held by the Olympic museum in Barcelona in Spain.
- in 2008 his sculpture “Jump to the Victory” gained the 1st place in Slovak national round of art contest for the Olympic Games in China.
- in 2005 his sculpture “Figure Skaters” gained the 2nd place in Slovak national round of art contest for the Olympic Games in Italy.


2020: Reflections, Mikuláš Galanda Gallery, Turčianske Teplice, SK
2020: Sculpture Amazon, Event home, Prievidza, SK
2019: Exhibition of exterior sculptures, Nové Město nad Metují Castle, CZ
2018: ARTROOMS Roma 2018, participation in the international exhibition of contemporary art, CHURCH PALACE, Rome, IT
2017: FLOWERing, author's exhibition of sculptures, Bojnice, SK
2017: Breakpoint, Slovak Institute, Prague, CZ
2016: Colors of the Universe, Slovak Institute, Prague, CZ
2015: Ice Cathedral, San Dona Di Piave, IT
2014: Art Mix, Sculpture, Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SK 2014„ Poesy of Metal, Slavic house, Prague, CZ
2013: Art in Park, Sculpture, House of Arts, PiešÉany, SR
2013: Art Mix, Sculpture, Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2012: Statues of Pieštany Parks, Pieštany, SK
2011: Nord art (Kunstwerk Carlshutte), Sculpture, GE,
2010: Reflections III, exhibition of members of ASA association, Velvet Gallery, Bojnice, SK
2010: The Olympic Museum in Barcelona – Water Color Sport Award, ES
2009: Exhibition of Garden Sculptuers, Steel Arena, Košice, SK
2008: Art & Sport, the Olympic Museum, Lausanne, CH
2008: Olympic Sport and Art Contest, Gallery Z, Bratislava, SK
2007: Young Ladies of Avignon, Gallery La Femme, Prague, CZ
2007: S.O.S., Gallery Medium, Bratislava, SK
2005: Prievidza, Gallery AMA,Cross-selection of author’s artistic activity, SK
2004: Exhibition of Department of Sculpture of AFAD, Polish Cultural Institute, Bratislava, SK

2019: International Art Symposium Držková, CZ
2017: XIV International Art Symposium, Belušské Slatiny, SK
2017: International Art Symposium Lehnice, SK
2016: The first sculpture symposium of the town of Topoľčany, Pieskovec, SR
2015: International Art Symposium Všeradice 2015, CZ
2014: International Art Symposium of the Kormorán Hotel, Šamorín, SR
2013: Symposium Svodín, Wood, SK
2011: International Symposium of Slovenská pošta, Wood, Belušské Slatiny, SK
2010: Hana Wichterlová International Sculpture Symposium in Prostejov, CZ
2008: Daydream, Garden of Eden, Bojnice, SK
2007: Land Art, Kremnica, SK
2005: Video recording and editing, Žilina, SK