Agnes Momirski

Agnes Momirski

London, United Kingdom

About Agnes Momirski

Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Rotterdam and Ljubljana, with an MA from the Royal College of Art (London 2014). Her work is concerned with the relationship between the body, technology and the self. She investigates the perception of (bodily) finitude, consciousness, time, memory and intimacy within the post-human context. Her fictional interaction designs and artifacts stage the absurd and otherworldly aspects of technology-based interaction. She employs lens- and screen- based media, installation, performance and drawing. She is currently the recipient of the Young Talent Award from the Mondriaan Funds, NL.


Royal College of Art, London (2012-2014)
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University (2008-2012)


2016 .12 Radar, Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
2016 .11 Winterwolven V, Roodkapje Rotterdam
2016 .10 Digital Big Screen, International Video art festival, Slovenia
2016 .04 Clairvoyant humans, solo exhibition project at Tower of Intermedia art, Kranj
2016 .04 RCA secret, London and Dubai
2015 .11 The Other Screen, special mention of Autofocus art competition, Turin, Italy
2015 .09 OBVSNSS, solo echibition, UAUU GAllery, Ljubljana
2015 .07 Contemporary fashion illustration, ShowStudio Gallery, London
2015 .07 Two hundred acres, Pump House Gallery, London
2015 .07 Fluorescent, Soho Arts Festival, London
2015 .04 EAC, Alicante, Spain
2015 .03 Affinit, solo exhibition, Poligon, Ljubljana
2014 .09 Fluorescent, Soho Arts Festival, London
2014 .06 SHOW RCA 2014
2014 .06 CKOM, Ram foundation, Rotterdam
2013 .11 SHOWcabinet Maison Martin Margiela, SHOWstudio London
2013 .09 Inf. Ins., Leeszaal Rotterdam West
2013 .06 Communication device, De Pont Museum, Tilburg (solo exhibition)
2013 .03 RCA Secret, Dyson building, London
2013 .02 WIP show, Kensington, RCA Interim Exhibition, London
2012 .11 Middle land, RCA drawing exhibition, Birmingham
2012 .06 WDKA Graduation show, Fenixloodsen Rotterdam
2012 .05 Inside the house, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
2012 .05 All you have is your body, Kunstinzight Rotterdam
2012 .03 Goethe-Institut, Museum Night, Rotterdam
2012 .02 Film/Video/Sound Event, Picture-This, Bristol
2011 .07 SingerSweatShop Gallery, Rotterdam (solo)
2010 .10 Perfect strangers, Tent Rotterdam