Nicole Kamb

Nicole Kamb

Greenville, SC, United States

About Nicole Kamb

Nicole is an abstract and impressionist artist who believes in the power of color. She is captivated by energetic and vibrant color and how a single painting can change the mood of a space. Nicole has worked with various media but seems to always return to fluid media and the flexibility it lends to the artistic process.

Her current body of work is an examination of the intersection of color and nature and how that intersection creates the whole. The synthesis of each pigment creates a dynamic piece that beckons inspection.

Nicole grew up in South Carolina and became interested in art and painting at an early age. Upon graduating from college with a degree in Art Education, she taught in the puclic school system for over a decade. She continues her connection to teaching by participating in residencies and designing workshops for adults and children.


B.A. Art Education