Nicole Renee Ryan

Nicole Renee Ryan

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

About Nicole Renee Ryan

I am a contemporary watercolorist, oil painter and muralist from Mercer, PA, working in Pittsburgh.

My paintings focus on emotionally charged but ambiguous images of landscapes, with only fuzzy details around the edge which leaves viewers with a strong sense of déjà vu.

It is more important to me that I capture the emotional quality of the landscape rather than that blade of grass, that long shadow and so I work from memory.

The abstract landscapes are heavily influenced by Western PA, the grey skys, the wonderful play of light against coming and retreating storms and the general feeling of tangibility of the sky. The work grows and moves and shifts as I work, sometimes changing completely from a brilliant blue sky to a rusty storm.


In 2015 Nicole was awarded a residency at the New York Student’s League at Vytacil and a fellowship at VCCA. She was also nominated for Pittsburgh Emerging Artist of the Year for 2016. Nicole is featured in a just released book of watercolors by North Light Books, Splash 15: Texture.