Nina Enger

Nina Enger

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

About Nina Enger

Nina Enger is a contemporary self trained artist from Oslo, Norway. Her dramatic expressions reflects a wild and unpredictable nature, ready to explore, violate and question everything!

- - -

Many dark moments and so many ways to deal with them. Painting helps me speak the unspeakable. An attempt to give birth to visual representations of the power required to remove barriers.

- - -

I am driven to express what has been revealed to me during intense moments of transformation.

When one form reaches its fulfillment it gives rise to another form. 'Life' and 'Death' become one in those intense moments when everything changes and transforms into something else. When the emerging painting captures the essence of a feeling my heart sings along with all the seeds cracking to form trees.

It's intense, dramatic and extremely liberating.

- - -

I live and work in Oslo. Long walks in nature with my two dogs always put my mind to rest.

I am grateful to Saatchi for making it possible to share my work with so many people!

N i n a E n g e r


Self trained artist


Luxembourg Art Fair - 11-13 september 2020
arranged by Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid



Many exhibitions in local galleries in Norway.
Best sales achieved in shopping center galleries before christmas:-)