Anica Govedarica

Anica Govedarica

Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal

About Anica Govedarica

Croatian artist living in Portugal. Since her first individual exhibition in 1997 she's been dedicating herself completely to art.
She's been exhibited individually both in Croatia and Portugal and participated in numerous group shows.
Her work is included in “Artist to look out for”, a publication released by the Starry Night Retreat in 2014.

Through my paintings I want to interpret the world as I see it, feel it or think about it. With the interaction between colors I’m searching for new shapes and also to create a dialogue among them. My intention is to transmit to the observer different emotions, involve him into my inner dialogue. What is very important for me in the creative process of each work is to generate harmony. Even when I want to express despair, injustice or sorrow I need to find balance and harmonic rhythm. Although we live in a fast changing environment and being surrounded by suffering and most of us have had some kind of extreme experience, there is a kind of constant line witch extend all through human existence. In my paintings I’m not trying to imitate nature, I want to create some kind of a narrative beyond obvious appearances, the kind I can’t express with words or simply represent with familiar faces. My paintings are about people, even when it doesn’t seem so.


Studied painting between 1992-1997 with Croatian painter E.R.Tanay in Zagreb.


Individual exhibitions, duo/trio exhibition:
2017 : Ler Devagar, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 : Centro de Cultura e Desporto do Crédito Agricola Mútuo, Lisbon, Portugal
2014 : El Pep Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2011 : Centro de Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Portugal
Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal
Espaço Santa Casa, Lisbon, Portugal
2005 : Samoborski Muzej (City Museum), Samobor, Croatia
Dvorac Gredice, Zabok, Croatia
2003 : Livraria Ler Devagar, Lisbon, Portugal
2002 : Quebra Costas, Coimbra, Portugal
Gallery Chora Musica, Almada, Portugal
2001 : Loreto, Lisboa, Portugal
2000 : Art Gallery Santa Rita, Colares, Portugal
Galeria do Instituto Nacional de Habitação, Lisbon
1998 : Gallery Ericsson Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia
1997 : Gradska knjižnica Samobor (Town Library), Croatia

Group exhibitions:
2015 : Espaço Arte, Livraria Europa - América, Lisbon, Portugal
2013 : XVIII Galeria Aberta, Beja, Portugal
IV Feira d’Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Portugal
2012 : o3gallery, Oxford, United Kingdom
MértolArte 2012, Mertola, Portugal
2011 : XVII Galeria Aberta, Beja, Portugal
2010 : Feira d’Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Portugal
2009 : 5º zagorski likovni salon, Croatia
2008 : Pro Futura Pore?, Croatia
2006 : 4º zagorski likovni salon, Croatia
2005 : Espaço Delfim Guimarães, Amadora, Portugal
2004 : Galerija ULU grupa’ 69, Zagreb, Croatia
Galerija Skupštine Grada Zagreba, Zagreb, Croatia
Krapinske Toplice, Croatia
Galerija Foruma mladih, Varaždin, Croatia
2002 : Galeria Municipal do Museu Regional de Sintra, Portugal
VII Bienal de Artes Plasticas “Cidade de Montijo”
2001 : XII Bienal de Artes Plasticas da Festa do Avante, Portugal