Nura Petrov

Nura Petrov

Riegelsville, PA, United States

About Nura Petrov

Painter · Photographer · Sculptor
My latest video discusses my time at the Barnes Foundation and how my work relates to Duchamp, Cezanne and Matisse:

My studio in New Hope is overflowing with conceptual art works that prompt examination of the poetic aspects of mundane objects such as windows and ladders. My sculptures unite formal art values with the unpredictable, nonculturally prescribed beauty of natural objects such as sticks and stones. They invite the viewer to "become" the sculptor/artist by handling and rearranging unfixed, moveable, sculpture segments. My objective is to create a provocative circumstance rather than a static product/commodity.-Nura Petrov

Nura Petrov is a mixed media sculpture artist who resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Petrov's traditional sculptures included a variety of material, including clay, plaster, papier mache, and photography. Her most current conceptual work deals with time, memory, and history, using material such as sticks, stones, cloth, and paint. Many of her pieces deal with the tactile aspects of sculpture.

Petrov questions the nature of art, information, and knowledge. Some abstract drawings incorporate ideas about time and history, and relate to her interest in archeology: layers of time, buried events, remnants of past cultures.

Nura Petrov has traveled extensively in India, North America, and the Middle East, which has allowed her to study art and architecture in a cultural context. She has taught in Uganda, East Africa and has completed many educational and public art projects locally and internationally. She has won traveling scholarships through the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and numerous honorable mentions and prizes at local juried shows.

Additional information about the artist may be found on her web page at:


University of Pennsylvania, BFA 1962
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Sculpture Major

Studied figure sculpture with Harry Rosin and Figure composition with Walker Hancock

Cresson and Schiedt Traveling Scholarships William Clarke Mason Prize

The Barnes Foundation

Studied with Violetta De Mazia

Graduate seminars with Stella Kramrisch, curator emeritus, Philadelphia Museum of Art and internationally recognized expert on Indian and Buddhist sculpture and inconography

Graduate courses in Mayan iconography with Jill Leslie Furst. Annual Mayan weekends at University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology


Recent events and exhibitions include:


Annual Juried Sculpture Exhibition, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Assemblage/Collage Invitational Exhibition, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, Pennsylvania


2016 Juried Sculpture Exhibition, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Exposure 2016 The Photo Re-Imagined, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, Pennsylvania (At the Edge of the Forest)


Graffiti and Mayan, Chinese and Celtic Calligraphy and Iconography, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Nura Petrov compares Melbourne Graffiti to Contemporary Artwork and Anthropology


Nura Petrov Ideas and Images in Conceptual Art: Utamaro Revisited


Nura Petrov - Ideas and Images in Conceptual Art: Maps and Drawings as Kinetic Memory


53rd Biennale di Venezia (53rd Venice Biennale), Works on Paper, A Global Perspective,NY Arts Venice Pavilion, Venice Italy and Bejing China

2007 Annual Indoor Sculpture Exhibition, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA

2006 Annual Indoor Sculpture Exhibition, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA


78th Annual International Competition, The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA


“The Recurrent, Haunting Ghost: Reflections of Marcel Duchamp in Modern and Contemporary Art,” Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, New York City; group show

“Lost Object-Found,”Tout-Fait (The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal), Vol. 2/ Issue 5


“Artsbridge at Prallsville Mill,” Stockton, New Jersey: Juried Show


“Remote Sources/Arbitrary Systems: A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss,” ABC Gallery, Lambertville, NJ: Sculpture and drawings: one-person show


“The New Century,” New Hope Annual Juried Exhibition, New Hope, PA: Sculpture: First Honorable Mention


“River Sounding,” Collaboratively-designed public art project/event to increase environmental awareness, which took place at several locations, both rural and urban, on the Delaware River. Other participating artists included Pauline Oliveros and Alan Gussow, creator of the "Shodow Project".


“Artsbridge Inaugural Juried Show,” Lambertville, NJ: Awarded prize for painting


“Bucks Biennial 1,” Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA: Juried show


“Changing Climates--New Directions for the 90’s,”Joy Kreves Gallery, Princeton, NJ 1989 “


“Happy Birthday Marcel Duchamp,” Artist Bookworks, Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia

Two Decades of Art,” Sculpture, drawings and paintings,” Rossi Gallery, Lambertville, NJ