Jared Hendler

Jared Hendler

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Jared Hendler

Portraiture celebrating those influencing society through online culture.
My work documents the effects technology and social media culture have on society. Our obsession with creating our own identities. From individuals seeking connection, to others who make a living by growing audiences that eclipse traditional celebrity.

Amidst our obsession of sharing, easy access to technology has given individuals unprecedented opportunity to reach large audiences directly. Many who were previously unrecognized or misrepresented by mainstream media now have a voice.

While some are driven by pure narcissism, the underlying human need to connect with others on some intimate level is the most interesting as it requires us to publicly expose a part of ourselves not often seen. The public creation of personal identity, combined with the emergence of a ‘new’ celebrity for a new era is what I bring to life in my work.

The portraits are made directly from the feeds of those who impact our society and influence our culture. An analog archive of the digital stream before it disappears. In homage of traditional portraiture as a representation of our times, my work is a reflection of who we are now.


Art Center College of Design, BFA - Distinction, Pasadena, California
Saddleback College, Irvine, California
Laguna Beach University of Art, Irvine, California


Early work, career and exhibitions were in New York City where I lived for many years. Having moved out to Los Angeles I am currently working on a new body of work and showings.

Root Division, Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias - 2019, San Francisco, Ca

Saatchi Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, Ca. Oct 25-28, 2018

Diss/embodied Exhibition, Inconspicuous Warehouse, Los Angeles, Ca
Opening Party: Sat Night June 2 (6pm-10pm)

'Liked' Solo Exhibition, Culver City, Los Angeles, Ca
Sat May 12 (11am-9pm)

'Liked' Solo Exhibition, Venice, Los Angeles, Ca
Sat April 21 (9am-9pm)
Sunday April 22 (9am-5pm)


Solo Exhibitions
Soetwater - 2019, Cape Town, South Africa
LaCienega Art Walk. ‘Liked' Works on Paper - 2018, Culver City, Ca
Superba on Lincoln. ‘Liked' Works on Paper - 2018, Los Angeles, Ca
Vision Gallery - 2002, Laguna Beach, CA
'A' Company’ Gallery - 2000, New York

Group Exhibitions
Root Division, Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias - 2019, San Francisco, Ca
Saatchi: The Other Art Fair - 2018, Los Angeles, Ca
Inconspicuous Warehouse, Diss/embodied - 2018, Los Angeles, Ca
Artists Space, Night of 1000 Drawings - 2003, 2004, 2005, New York
Red Dot Gallery, Youth Aids Charity Benefit - 2002, New York
The 2nd World Festival of Art on Paper at Festivalna Dvorna Bled - 2001, Slovenia
Robert Canaga Gallery - 2001, Portland, OR