Olan Quattro

Olan Quattro

Miami, FL, United States

About Olan Quattro

Olan Quattro is a mixed media artist whose work explores memory and the mythologies we create of ourselves and our families. Born into a central California hippie community, Olan Quattro spent her early childhood surrounded by artists and self-described revolutionaries. Quattro is a third generation artist. Quattro's artistic perspective is influenced from her bohemian upbringing. Every Friday was spent at gallery openings and every summer was filled with art classes.

Quattro's art process is about the layering and removal of paper and paint. She creates texture with images partly obscured, text mostly hidden. Her art tells a visual story of both what is visible and what lies beneath.


Quattro studied art abroad in France and Mexico and traveled throughout Europe and the United States. Along the way she has collected objects, papers and photographs that appear in her mixed media work. Her BA is from Marlboro College and her masters degree is from FSU.


Olan Quattro has exhibited across the US in galleries and Art Fairs. Olan has a growing national and international collector base and is included in private collections in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Italy, and China.


Coconut Grove Art Fair 2020
Aqua Art Fair, Art Miami 2019
Superfine DC, Art Fair 2018
Reclaiming the Newsstand, Florida, 2018
The Other Art Fair LA, 2018
State of the Arts Gallery, FL 2018