Oleg Ti

Oleg Ti

New York, NY, United States

About Oleg Ti

After moving to New York 10 years ago Oleg opened his new passion - painting. Getting inspiration from this city, people of the city, the atmosphere of this city he shows the spirit of this best place in the World. At the same time he still works as a fashion and beauty photographer.


As a successful photographer Oleg hosted a lot of workshops all around the world. The list of cities could fill a printed page: New York, London, Munich, Dubai, Geneve, Kiev, Barcelona, Bangkok, Istanbul,Tallinn, Riga, Kishineu, Rome, Milano, HongKong, Singapore, Bali etc etc.


March 2012 - Personal exhibition in Moscow World Trade Center showing his view to the women beauty.
January 2017 - BEAUTY OF NEW YORK - personal exhibition in Moscow,
March 2017 - stand on FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (New York),
May 2017 - BEAUTY OF NEW YORK - personal exhibition in New York