Olga Armand Ugon

Olga Armand Ugon

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

About Olga Armand Ugon

I have known Olga Armand Ugon for a few years. I've seen her painting. Actually, I have seen her enjoy painting; I have seen her suffer while painting; in short, I have verified her creativity in action and I am happy to say that she belongs to that group of people who think, reflect and express themselves by doing.
She saw then, the need for expansion as one of the characteristics of her work. Medium and large surfaces always suited her work better than small ones. In the latter, she would feel constricted, suffocated.

Her painting should give way to his ample gesture, although, as she controls proportions very well, she also allows space on her paintings for small pictures and stains.
This amplitude could be applied, in another sense, to her chromatic subject, which goes from liquid to dense and lumpy.

The restless spirit of Olga Armand Ugon cannot be comfortable imposing limits, thus, the painting surface is a witness of the struggle to organize these expansive and free impulses.

We could say that her personality needs to be reflected still in how she works with the coloring, since she has to move also between the random (blasting, broad strokes) and position, size, color, of them in the basic plane, because that control would integrate them into a structure, that of the image. It goes without saying that her concept of structure accepts relatively randomness as one of its components.

As in her personality, forms and matter struggle between a liberating impulse and a sense of order.
The collage, linked to the pictorial subject and the linear drawing of the drawing was the appropriate vehicle for her rich expressive display.

Despite what has been said, her spontaneity accepts stratifications. Each layer can have distribution of shapes, colors and signs different than the one that follows it. However, it is either translucent (veiling) or partially covers the preceding layer, generating in that appearance new forms, new graphics or signs.

It would be appropriate then, when we refer to the works that apply that procedure, to speak of real palimpsests.

The whole of her work uses a sensitive geometry, both in the limits of its forms as well as in the surfaces they limit.
In any case, this geometry appears in the organization of forms in the basic plane. There. always with freedom, she manages notions of rhythm and proportion.

Many of her works use white glazes, which give them a neat transparency.
In these palimpsests, not just various layers coexist, but also various attitudes. There are cases in which the gesture with which a graphic is performed full of freedom and spontaneity coexists with a will that organizes the surface in terms of color, texture and shape.

Like drawings and graffiti on posters printed and pasted to walls that we observe in our cities, the surface of her work attests to successive operations, giving the final result an apparently random character.

Her images range from the non-figurative to the use of figurative signs on a chromatic structure of different planes.

Some paintings and drawings feature graphics that derive from direct observation of reality. But it is in collage where Olga Armand Ugon unfolds her greatest virtues and especially in those coexisting with the use of strokes and schematic signs not derived from mimesis.

I did not witness the execution of all works from which I write these few thoughts.
I confess my joy to know them. For their quality and for being testimonies of the health of which Painting still enjoys.
Cleaver Lara


Diseñadora de Modas egresada del Instituto Catala en Barcelona, España.

1998 Taller de Clever Lara
1989 Taller de Círculo de Bellas Artes
1990 1991 Taller de Guillermo Fernández
2007 retomo la pintura en el Taller de Gerardo Acuña y Clever Lara


Exhibition at “Cabildo de Montevideo”
Exhibition at German Embacy
I was awared with a price at “Concurso de Miradas 2008” at Visión Echague
 I was awared with a price at Isusa, exhibited at MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo)
 Exhibition Reaching U Nueva York
 Exhibition at Aramayo Punta del Este
 Selected work at Palermo H Buenos Aires Argentina
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Exhibition at Forma Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Exhibition at Caellum Gallery N Y
 Solo exhibition at Diana Saravia
2011, 2012 y 2013
Solo exhibition at Lanzaro Acle Punta del Este
Solo exhibition in Washington DC BID
Solo exhibition in New York Uruguayan Consulate
"Art without borders" Art League Gallery N Y
2019 exhibition in the Bangladesh pavilion at the Bienal Venecia
2019 art fair Spectrum Miami at the art Basel week


2007 Colectiva en La Spezia
Colectiva en El Club Alemán
Colectiva en Libertad Libros
2008 Colectiva en Libertad Libros
Cabildo de Montevideo ( 3 artistas)
Colectiva en la Embajada Alemana
Obra seleccionada en el Concurso de Miradas 2008 de Visión Echague
2009 Colectiva Club de Golf
Colectiva La Spezia
Colectiva Café Bonafide
Individual Café Bonafide
Obra premiada en el Concurso Isusa, exhibición en el MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo)
Colectiva Remate para Fundación Reaching U Nueva York
Colectiva y remate para la Fundación Teletón
Colectiva Galería Aramayo Punta del Este
Obra seleccionada en el concurso Patria Gaucha
Obra seleccionada para la Convocatoria de Arte Abstracto en la Galería Palermo H,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colectiva en la Galería Forma Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colectiva en Caellum Gallery Nueva York
Individual en Galería Diana Saravia
2011, 2012 y 2013 Individual en Lanzaro Acle Punta del Este
2015 Solo exhibition in Washington DC BID
2016 Solo exhibition in New York Consulado Uruguayo
2016 "Art without borders" Art League Gallery New York
2017 my art book release ¨IMPULSO Y OBSESION¨