Anita Werner

Anita Werner

Aachen, NRW, Germany

About Anita Werner

born 1949 in Alsdorf/Aachen, Germany
Laboratory assistant in med. Lab. für nearly 50 years.
But always artist too.
Perhaps I should tell you something generally about my art.
Please do not expect, that I am predicable - it would boring me, always to do the same.
I had to accept, that I am not like a lot of other artists, perhaps more like an art-guerrilla.
But I am sure, I am not alone …
I am always curious, Let us look around, what is possible :-)))!


general qualification for university entrance [educ.]


Nominated by Bloom Award by Warsteiner 2015


All exhibitions, that are described in our charitable organization
One-Women-Show 2004 in Aula Karolina, Aachen.