Tomoaki Orikasa

Tomoaki Orikasa

Norman, OK, United States

About Tomoaki Orikasa

Tomoaki’s earliest works focused on abstract concepts in jewelry design and expressive figural forms which both stayed at the vanguard of his works until he began constructing anamorphic creations around the year 2005 through his Yolk Art bronze series. As Orikasa became more comfortable blurring the lines between reality and his artistic vision he started to create studies in narrative work. Living between spoken languages brought body language to the forefront of Tomoaki’s narrative anamorphs and eventually led to the first of the artist’s Eggtion Figures being created in early 2016. Over the year that followed Orikasa perfected the production and assembly of small parts that allow him to articulate his works into emotional fluency. The moments his sculptures capture portray simple, relevant human experiences that are commonplace.


In 1994 Orikasa came to America from Chiba, Japan to study business, not art. Desiring a broad international business education, for his son, Orikasa’s father sent him to study business at University in the United States. During his first semester Tomoaki selected an arts elective, Jewelry 101. He never expected that he would like the class or that by the end of the semester he would be writing his family to inform them that he was changing majors. Four years later, in 1998, Orikasa graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art from University of Central Oklahoma. Two years after graduating Orikasa took a job as an assistant, under the guidance of Master Foundrymen Steve and Mark Palmerton at the same facility where he now holds the title Chief Mold & Wax Maker; following 15 years of apprenticeship


Public Works:

2012 "Cross", First Presbyterian Church, Norman, OK,

2008 "Lepidoptera", Will Rogers International Airport,
Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

2003 "Sharing", Norman, OK, USA.


Art NOW, Invitational, Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2018.

​New Works by Tomoaki Orikasa, Solo, Kasum Contemporary, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2017.

​Yolk Art, Solo, Kasum Contemporary, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2016.

​Black Collection, Solo, Paseo Originals Art Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2014.

​Alphabet Soup, Group Invitational, Paseo Originals Art Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2013.

​Edge Art Now, Juried IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2012.

​Currents, Group, Le Studio 5, Norman, OK, USA, 2011.

​Vision Makers, Juried, Six 11 Creative, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2009.

​Illumination, Group, City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2007.

​Face to Face, 5th Annual, Juried, Stage Gallery, New York, NY, USA, 2003.

​A Celebration of Asian Culture, Invitational, Kirkpatrick Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2003.

​Miniatures Juried, The Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 2003.

​The Crucible Gallery Exhibition, Crucible Gallery, Norman, OK, USA, 2002.

​Faces V, Juried, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE, USA, 2002.

​International Art Competition, Art Center of Waco, Waco, TX, USA, 2002.