Oscar Nin

Oscar Nin

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Oscar Nin

Contact: oscarsnin@gmail.com
"Artists are these men and women who are able as everybody to perceive the Reality, but with a special talent to express it. Their perception of reality help to enrich ours. This is why perhaps they are necessary. There are artists along history that decors our lives, as IKEA, with an enveloping art that take us to the sweetest geographies of our existences. There are other artists that open us a hidden door to unexplored territories, overcoming fears, facing the unknown, and showing some of its sides. They increase our freedom. In this path of pioneer artists, lucid and breakers, we could name Goya, Picasso, Bacon, Duchamp, Baselitz, but also Kafka, Stravinsky, Diaghilev, Brecht or Gaudí, to mention, not randomly some of them. And following this trace of existential art moves Oscar Nin.
Oscar Nin is an artist without academic career. His only certainties are his doubts and his big capital, his authenticity. No va de nada y ha llegado aquí por él solo. Oscar show us an art painfully honest, intuitive, intelligent, and essential. A painter that risk to show us new territories, as he says, más allá de lo lejano." Juan Elorduy, curator.


2017. Group Show. Mutuo, Barcelona.
2017. Confabulations of the Millenia. Institute for Contemporary Art. Portland, Me, USA.
2015. Group Show. Moen Mason Gallery, AZ, USA.
2014. Group Show. Jeffrey Meier Gallery, NJ, USA.
2013. Affordable Art Fair Milano, Italy.
2013. Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium.
2012. Affordable Art Fair Rome, Italy.
2012. Art Verona with L'Art Industriel, Italy.
2012. Collective Opening Exhibition in Bus Station Space. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
2012. Affordable Art Fair Milano with L´Art Industriel, Italy.
2011. "LIBIDO" Group Show in Eat Meat. Barcelona, Spain.
2011. Body Snatchers. Collective exhibition In the Cave of Cultures. Barcelona, Spain.
2011. Solo Exhibition. Galeria Artara, Spain.
2010. Abnormal Festival Collective itinerant exhibition in Abnormals Gallery. Berlin (Germany) and Ponzan (Poland).
2010. 3+3 Christmas Collective exhibition in Artara Gallery. Mahon, Spain
2010. Halloween collective exhibition In the Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2009. Gift art. Collective Exhibition in _ARTS Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
2009. Solo Exhibition. Galeria Artara, Spain.
2008. Christmas-Art. Artara Gallery. Mahon, Spain.

2017. Potato Mike Interview.
2016. Saatchi Art Catalogue.
2015. Ghosttt Magazine´s Interview.
2013. ONE TO WATCH. Saatchi magazine article.
2012. 12xTwelve. Special section in Saatchi Online for Christmas Gift. Curated by Rebecca Wilson
2012. From the Studio of.. Oscar Sancho Nin. Saatchi Magazine Interview.
2011. IB3 TV Interview.
2011. Special of Eat Meat artists in Area Zinc online magazine. Spain.
2009. The Wild Vision. Underdogs Mgz Interview. Spain.