Pablo Rocha

Pablo Rocha

Villa Ciudad Parque, Valle de Calamuchita, Argentina

About Pablo Rocha

Pablo Salvador Rocha was born in 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a self-taught sculptor; from a very young age he was passionate about sculpture and spent his free time modeling clay, studying anatomy and investigating the works of leading figurative sculptors. As an adolescent, he started working at his brother’s metallurgical shop. While he studied Arts at the University level, he progressed as an artist through his individual experimental work. As a result, he has developed his own sculpting technique. Pablo combines clay modeling and meticulous work with thousands of metal pieces welded together to create modern figurative pieces of great expressiveness. He’s the author of numerous monuments in different parts of Argentina and has participated in multiple exhibitions in the country, as well as in Europe.


2009 - Industrial Design at National University in Córdoba, Argentina.


2019 - "Córdoba Muestra" show in Argentina. Exhibition in María Wonda Gallery's space.
2019 - Spanish Language International Congress in Córdoba, Argentina. Exhibition of two busts of Argentine writers.


2019 - Collective exhibition in Casa de Córdoba in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 - Exhibition of busts of Argentine writers in Cracow, Poland. Accompanied a photography exhibition of Mario Muchnik.
2018 - Collective exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Arts of Unquillo, Argentina.
2017 - Notaries Association Art Gallery in Córdoba, Argentina.