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Whether you are looking for an original Abstract Expressionism Water painting or a high quality art print, Saatchi Art has over 1,561 original Abstract Expressionism Water paintings for sale from emerging artists around the world.










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Under the Dock image

Under the Dock

Paintings30 W x 40 H x 2 in

William Kendall

United States


Prints from $85

Down by the river side image

Down by the river side

Paintings39.4 W x 39.4 H x 0.6 in


Prints from $79

Underwater with Green Circle image

Underwater with Green Circle

Paintings18 W x 14 H x 0.8 in

Ella Carty

United Kingdom


Prints from $40

Into the blue image

Into the blue

Paintings63 W x 47.2 H x 1.6 in

Iris Schreven



Prints from $90

Underwater image


Paintings67.4 W x 23.6 H x 1.6 in

Free Fall image

Free Fall

Paintings24 W x 35.8 H x 1.4 in


Waterwork X image

Waterwork X

Paintings9.4 W x 15.7 H x 0.8 in

The Swimmer image

The Swimmer

Paintings20 W x 20 H x 1 in

Olga Lomax

United Kingdom


Henley image


Paintings28.3 W x 22 H x 0.4 in

Terry Cripps

United Kingdom


Prints from $142

Eye Eye Captain! image

Eye Eye Captain!

Paintings40 W x 60 H x 1.6 in

Eddie Love

United States


Prints from $50

"Sitting at the water" image

"Sitting at the water"

Paintings47.2 W x 31.5 H x 0.8 in

B Midnight



Souvenirs fragmentées image

Souvenirs fragmentées

Paintings21 W x 18 H x 1.5 in


Yellow Wave image

Yellow Wave

Paintings70.9 W x 47.2 H x 1.2 in

Sylvia Thijssen



Prints from $40

Going Under image

Going Under

Paintings20 W x 16 H x 2 in

Overflow image


Paintings48 W x 24 H x 2 in

William Kendall

United States


Prints from $100

Stormy Sea image

Stormy Sea

Paintings39.4 W x 19.7 H x 0.8 in

Laura B



Rock Pools 3 image

Rock Pools 3

Paintings39.4 W x 31.5 H x 0.6 in


Prints from $45

SELFIE image


Paintings17.7 W x 23.6 H x 0.7 in


Prints from $40

66º North image

66º North

Paintings40.9 W x 40.9 H x 1.2 in


Breaking Waves and Yellow Blossom - Large Painting on canvas image


Underwater image


Paintings31.5 W x 31.5 H x 1.6 in


Prints from $74

"A view from the boat as I left the harbour" image

"A view from the boat as I left the harbour"

Paintings28 W x 22 H x 1 in

Agnieszka Kukawska

United States


Prints from $40

Splash image


Paintings36 W x 24 H x 0.8 in

Dosia McKay

United States


Prints from $40

Golden Rain image

Golden Rain

Paintings19.7 W x 19.7 H x 0.2 in

Carolyn Miller

United Kingdom


Sunrise on Fraser Lake image

Sunrise on Fraser Lake

Paintings16 W x 13 H x 1 in


Prints from $40

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