James Parkhurst

James Parkhurst

San Clemente, CA, United States

About James Parkhurst

I was inspired at an early age to cultivate my artistic abilities. My reputation seemed to grow quickly from high school, winning awards and selling my first painting by age 18. Extensive traveling and surfing throughout the South Pacific brought me a deep appreciation and love of the ocean and it’s incredibly romantic and varying coastlines.

After hard work and perseverance I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications, and was a successful Art Director/Graphic Designer for many years. For the past few years, my primary focus has been both my mural/decorative arts business and my fine art. My goal is to constantly pursue and fine-tune my artistry by exploring an environment filled with infinite visual emotions, and transmitting that essence to my work.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cal State Long Beach

Studied at Otis/Parsons Art Institute, Los Angeles


Art Fairs:
Ocean Festival
Paint San Clemente
Tall Ships Festival
San Clemente Art Festival


Riley Arts Gallery
Beachfire Surf Art Gallery