Pasquale Proia

Pasquale Proia

Fontana Liri, lazio, Italy

About Pasquale Proia

Creative research is my main photographic interest , investigating light and shadow in the game of objects immersed in their magnetic silence defy the ambiguity of reality.
Born in Italy in 1963, in the 70s he becomes passionate in visual arts and pictures by watching movies and observing the projectionist’s job in a movie theater that at the time was administrated by his father.
He approached photography as a dark room apprentice and then as video operator, starting a long-lasting collaboration with the photographer R. Folchetti, who belonged to an historic family of photographers, active since the early 1900s in the current province of Frosinone. In the mid eighties he starts researching and experimenting, combining photography with poetry , leading to connections and exchanges with artists non only in the field of photography, organizing and taking part to individual and collective exibitions.


At the end of the 80s he attended a course for photojournalists at the Regional Center of Professional Training for Photo-Cine Operators of Rome, where among others he has as a teacher the director of photography Erico Menczer, from whom he learns important notions of lighting and photos of scene.
In 1996 he started his own photographic activity offering services both to individuals and to organizations and organizers of cultural events; becomes a member of the National Association of Professional Photographers Tau Visual.
In 1998 he began to take an interest in digital photographic technologies, realizing in 2001 "Cromocinetica" - a study of shapes and colors in movement realized with the scanning technique.


At the beginning of the 90's, the documentation of an exhibition of laser works by the master Vincenzo Bianchi "... The crystal mountain ...". Here, for the first time, it comes into contact with technologies that are rarely accessible at the time, which stimulate it for further experimentation.

In 2011 and 2012 he participated with his own works at the poetic evenings "The Night of the Stars - Homage to Costantin Brancusi - Poetry for Peace" organized by the "Labyrinth of Museums" by the master Vincenzo Bianchi in Fontana Liri.

In 2014 he took part in the V International Videopoesia Festival held in Argentina and his video "Is there anybody out there? "Together with others from all over the world, he was selected for screening at the" Esculea de Arte Leopoldo Marechal "in Buenos Aires.


Some exhibitions of recent years:

In 2019, with the presentation of the artist Fausto Grossi, he exhibited "Homage to Umberto Mastroianni", made with photographs inspired by the poetics of the great master and first abstract sculptor of the 20th century, at the Sarean Cultural Association in Bilbao.

In 2018, with the presentation of Prof. Vincenzo Bianchi, he presented "Omaggio a Umberto Mastroianni" a series of photographs inspired by the poetry of the master sculptor and his countryman, at the Bibliothè di Sora Gallery

In 2017 he exhibited his personal "My journey in color on the path of photography" at the Expo Ex Gallery to the Rocca Roveresca gardens in Senigallia. The exhibition, sponsored by the MUSINF, Museum of Modern Art of Communication and Photography of Senigallia, by the REMEL cultural association and by the Municipality of Senigallia, was presented by the poet Prof. Carlo Emanuele Bugatti director of MUSINF, and received among the others the praise of the art critic Giorgio Bonomi, who took part in the exhibition.