Patrizia Benedetta Fratus

Patrizia Benedetta Fratus

Mornico al serio, Bergamo, Italy

About Patrizia Benedetta Fratus

Ananke is my Goddess, mother of past, present and future. I am guided by necessity, the need for beauty and happiness that I know should be for all: they exist for me only if they are also around me. So “Eutopia” was born. In our culture everything is born in the moment it receives a name, from that moment it becomes possible. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”, we are our dreams and our hands are the instruments to make them possible. We are made of the tales that were told to us. We are made of the things we believe in, that we see, but we can see only what we know. Eutopia is storytelling, art, the technique that shapes our daily lives. Just like my ancestors left marks about their history on cave walls and pavements, so I perpetuate the gesture using the thread to leave a mark of my present. Eutopia is an upcycling and regeneration project, both of matter and history. Eutopia is the place where you find resources a second before they are incinerated, transforming segments in thread to weave a new weft. Eutopia is the artwork that produces other artworks, and the greatest are discovering the possibility of self-determination, finding one’s self-worth and responsibilities, and the capacity of creating beauty in a place where apparently there wasn’t any left. Eutopia is an artwork/action made also in the context of shelters and places where fragility is protected. I make tapestries that tell fragments of tales, the stories we were told, so to inspire new forms of a possible future society. I incorporate in my tapestry the research of the holiness of our body, which I think is an antidote to violence.


Patrizia Benedetta Fratus was born in 1960 in Palosco (Italy) from a couple of urbanized farmers, and she started working right after mandatory schooling. At the age of 23 she went back to school and, after several experiences in the high fashion field, she graduated in 1999 at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. She worked for two years in the costume shop of Teatro alla Scala. In 2004 she debuted as an artist in Paris at Edgard le Marchand d’Art’s gallery. In 2005, in Bergamo, she participated to Celluloidee with an installation. Art galleries in Brescia, Milan, London and Paris have shown her works. In 2009 she won the Nocivelli Prize and the ArteCairo Prize. She then manufactured the first “Cometumivuoi”, a doll born out of the increasingly frequent news of femicides. She started studying art history with Salvatore Falci. Since 2012 she works on projects of relational and environmental art, collaborating with schools, community homes and shelters. In 2015 she produced the relational art work “VivaVittoria” in Brescia. In her works, art is viewed as an instrument to intellectually and empirically experience awareness, self-sufficiency and self-consciousness which are, in her view, necessary instruments for the emancipation of humankind.


Venice - Domus Civica D3082 - solo exhibition “Eutopia-Poteresse”
Brescia, Cremona and Ergano (Italy) - group exibition “Gesto zero”
AAB Brescia – group exhibition “Rigenerazioni”
Milan - Hive Tatoo - group exhibition
Verdello - “Naturalmente” – contemporary art fair 6th edition
Bagnolo Mella - “L’Amore esiste e il suo contrario” group exhibition
Brescia - Relational art project “VIVAVITTORIA”
Edolo – “Contexto 2015” group exhibition
Milan, Teatro Grassi - “Selfie” group exhibition
Milan, 27ora Il tempo delle donne, performance in the context of Corriere della Sera initiative
Casale Monferrato - “Anima-li” solo exhibition
Isola del Garda - “Ecce Pinocchio” group exhibition
Milan, Libraria Bocca - “Cometumivuoi” solo exhibition
Brescia - Galleria Marchina - “Cometumivuoi” solo exhibition
Bassano del Grappa, Villa Giusti - “Postproduction” solo exhibition
Arsenale Verona – “DoNnA.” solo exhibition
Gardone, Villa Mutti Bernardelli - “Through the Mirror”group exhibition
Bologna, Palazzo Pepoli - “Bliz Urbani” group exhibition
Bergamo - Palazzo della Provincia - “B.C. Le figlie” solo exhibition
Brescia, Palazzo 900 - “Elogio alla Follia” group exhibition
London, The Brick Lane Gallery - group exhibition
Brescia - Galleria Marchina - “Dentro Tutti” solo exhibition
Bologna, Studio40 - “Muti” solo exhibition
Bergamo Arte Fiera - “Chi è il Lupo” group exhibition
Brescia, Skin Gallery - “Intrighi di filo” group exhibition
Bologna - Camera con Vista group exhibition
Bergamo, galleria 8/10 - “La Bella Addormentata” solo exhibition
Brescia, Monaci sotto le Stelle - “Circus” solo exhibition
Brescia, Galleria Marchina – group exhibition
Albenga - “Elogio alla Follia” group exhibition
Milan, Libreria Bocca - “Artù” solo exhibition Libreria Bocca, Milano
Padua, Galleria Vecchiato - “Sopra le Righe” group exhibition
Bergamo, Galleria 8/10 - “Il popolo silente” solo exhibition
Paris, WHO’S NEXT - “Lulù e Nanà” group exhibition
Paris, Edgarlemarchandd’art Gallery - “Ma Reine” and “Coppie Reali” group exhibition
Le Troiane, Galleria 8/10, Bergamo
Brescia, Maison Co - “Le Précieuses Ridicules” solo exhibition
Brescia, G&B Flero - “La Gradisca” solo exhibition
Brescia, Studioquaranta - “Bestinside” solo exhibition
Pietrasanta, Galleria Landini - “Coppie Reali” and “Le Favorite” solo exhibition
Paris, Edgarlemarchandd’art Gallery - “Volti” solo exhibition
Milan, Galleria l’Altra Stanza - “Stanze sul reale” solo exhibition
Brescia, Penelope - “Barbablù” solo exhibition
Bergamo, Galleria Monteleoni - “Le Muse” solo exhibition
Bergamo, Celluloidee – “The Piano lessons” group exhibition