Paul Blenkhorn-DigitalArt

Paul Blenkhorn-DigitalArt

Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom

About Paul Blenkhorn-DigitalArt

For more than 30 years I have been working in the area of sensory stimulation with a specific interest in visual stimulation for children and adults with disabilities. My work has predominantly been with software to attract, engage and interact with people. I am fascinated by the light/colour of forms and their differing relationships to the objects around them. I believe that nature of the light is somewhat different when it is emitted from a screen rather than reflected from a surface. Some of my more recent software in this area can be seen at I also have a longstanding passion for modern art - particularly the works of many abstract expressionists. More recently I've been engaged in two different activities: abstract, mostly nonrepresentational painting with acrylics on various materials; and using Neural style transfer techniques as part of the process for producing digital works from images that hold particular memories for me. This profile contains limited edition prints of my digital works. The paintings are in my Saatchi profile PaulBlenkhorn


Emeritus Professor of Assitive Technology, University of Manchester


Flux Review Blog, Q&A, 6th July 2020
RegenerART, Art Book, June 2020
Transient, online instagram residency, 6-10 April. 2020 (digital art, @t.ransienttt)
Clio Art Fair, New York, 5-8th March 2020.
Open Projections 4: Spectacle, Coventry Cathedral, New Year's Eve, 2019.
Venice Vending Machine Edition 9 - "Mercatus Liber", Bristol, 22-24th November 2019.
Finalist Prisma 2nd International Art Prize, Summer 2019
Manchester Art Fair, October 2019


SECRET POSTCARD SHOW, Cupola Gallery, 29 August – 3 October 2020
After Greed Became Form, White Rectangle Gallery, 8th July - 8th September, 2020
The world is healing, New York Art competitions, June 18th 2020
Awesome art prizes, digital book, May 2020
Bright Spirits, Gallery Ring, May 2020. (Finalist)
Confinement Chronicle, FrikiFish, May 2020, Barcelona.
Uncovered Streets, May 2020, (online)
New ISO-Aesthetic Culture, Artcore Gallery, Derby, 1st May 2020.
Psychasthenia Online Exhibition and E-Book, May 2020
Mixed Media, Collage and Digital Arts, Las Lagunas Gallery, California, 6-29th February, 2020.
Warhol, Envision Arts, January 2020. (Honorable mention)
Deck the Walls, 44AD, Bristol, December 2019.
Chapter 1, Athens, 16th November - 16th January 2020.
Premier Art Exhibition (London - Kyoto), La Galleria, London, October 2019
Candid Arts Trust Outsider Art, London, September 2019
'Synergic' (from Mexico with Love), Art Number 23, London, October 2019.