Rigot-Müller Pauline

Rigot-Müller Pauline

Lyon, Rhone, France

About Rigot-Müller Pauline

Visual Artist
Photographer and movie maker
Performer/contemporary dancer/choreographer

I am a visual and body messenger Artist.


E.R.G (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) Brussels, Belgium
Trainning contemporary dance school, Danscentrumjette
Kinesitherapy muscular chain, methods GDS, BE
Yoga teacher, Vinyasa Flow, India
Painter since I am a child.
Movie maker since 15 years.
Dancer since I learn to walk with four steps.
Searcher, développer, visionner...
Follow roots of old rituals and shamanism.
Sharing is my mission.
Yoga teacher since 2014
Fondator of the yoga studio YOKAÏ-Lyon in France


Exhibition and performance in Europe and Mexico


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