Christina Reiter

Christina Reiter

Leipzig, Germany

About Christina Reiter

Christina Reiter was born in Lienz,Austria.Lives and works in Leipzig,Germany;
Her education and professionalism aside,Christina Reiter`s art is in particular influenced by the eyes of a child,which she has kept since her growing up.Those eyes that have swallowed then-and are reflecting now-the woods and meadows,mountains and valleys of her home.And it is a deep,heartfelt happiness that you can see even in a brief encounter with the artist,a delight in the depth of colour and form,which is the original sound that shapes and carries her pieces.
It is also the impressions of foreign lands and places that give width to the depth,and put her works into the context not only of colourful memories but moreover of changing mental backgrounds.
Christina does not paint her paintings.She works them.Works them spreading and abrading colour(she called it "grattage") and,thus,allows the viewer to realize the deeper meaning of the process of creation as labor.This creates not only optical depths but lets the material communicate with the viewer about the work they have undergone.You can enter her work`s process.She does not hide the room of the artistic creation;she allows participating-in some way-in its birth,and in its inner completion,in the cutting of the creative umbilical cord,when the work of art begins its life with the viewer.


1984-88Technical school for woodcarving in Elbigenalp/Tirol; 1988-93 Academy of Art(sculpture)in Stuttgart/Germany at Prof.Karl-Henning Seemann and Prof.Inge Mahn; since 1993 freelanced artist in Leipzig/Germany; since2003 studio at "Spinnerei",Leipzig Solo Exhibitions:1994"Entlarvung" mdr,Leipzig;1996artprize for a public sculpture from Roehnklinikum,Leipzig;2001"Huellen-Plastik"gallery Chmelik,Leipzig;2005gallery Diogenes,Lienz/Austria;2010"Heilungsprozesse"sju gallery,Leipzig;2013"Reinigung",St.Laurentius church,Markranstädt b. Leipzig.
group exhibitions:1993"ABCDM" 5 students of art in the "city art museum"Reutlingen,Stuttgart;1994"Frauenbilder"gallery Am Burgkeller,Leipzig;1996"Wunderbrunnen"grassimuseum,Leipzig;2000"Markt der Traeume und Visionen"Hoogehus,Luebeck;2002Hospiz"Villa Auguste",Leipzig;2003gallery Baumgartl,Munich;cp gallery,Munich;2004"Artiges"Kunstverein Ottobrunn,Munich;2005"Expose4",Leipzig;2007"Kulturfituere" with Paulina Skavova,Lohfelden bei Kassel;2008"Gruppe 11"Spinnerei,Leipzig;2009"3.Werkschau"Spinnerei,Leipzig,
2012"Einstieg"Galerie Vorortost,Leipzig;2014 Galerie Erni,Luzern/Swiss;


2020 Art scholarship from the cultural foundation of the Free State of Saxony

Affordable Art Fair Brussels
represented by Gaudi Art gallery/Madrid
25.-29.febr. 2016


GROUP SHOW,5 Artists with Berger roots;Atelier Hans-Peter Profunser,Gewerbepark Berg im Drautal/Austria; 31th March - 12th April 2017
Galeria Gaudi,Madrid,3th-31th March 2016
"It`s Your Choice 3 " exhibition,Galerie ARTAe,Showroom Menckestr.3,Leipzig Gohlis,14.aug. - 5.sept.2015
"PARCOURS",group exhibition(sculpture),Mischhaus Leipzig,25.07-30.08.2015
"VOYAGE",Solo exhibition ,Charter gallery,Leipzig,19.June-5.September 2015
"ART-SHOW" Hall 12,Spinnerei Leipzig/Germany 1.May-30.May 2015
Galerie Erni Luzern/Swiss 18.Okt.-8.Nov.2014
"YALNIZCA BARISA TARAFIZ" Ulucanlar Cezaevi Museum
Ankara/Turkey 15.-20. Nov.2014